Star Wars: The Disney Era

Yooo Just in case anyone hasn’t said it here but Andor is probably the best thing since the first season of Mando for Star wars.


Is it better then Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?

Because all I want is more of that.

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Hard agree! Quite a slow burn too, it was any slower it might be tedious. But they manage to really draw out the harsh reality of life under the Empire in the best ways. It is amazing how much I am sucked into each episode but then when I think of how much the story progressed there isn’t a lot of rapid plot progress, instead we get sooo much character exposure that is absolutely delicious!

My biggest complaint is that it feels uncomfortably prescient in many important aspects of our current US political threat, which is no accident I’m sure.

it’s a heist show (at least till eps 6, but I hear it changes genre again later) so it’s fundamentally different from Strange new worlds however it is a step above the other stuff like Strange new worlds is to Picard and Discovery ;-p though it takes about 2 eps to start really going.

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And/or is way better than Mando S01, friend.

I stopped watching Andor after episode 2. And I hadn’t planned on going back to watch more. But my Dad kept bringing it up to watch it. And a friend of mine kept saying it was the best Star Wars he has watched. I was like yeah dude whatever. But I gave it another shot and like you said everything pulls together in at episode 3.

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Thanks everyone for the recommendation to watch Andor! I was VERY disappointed by The Mandalorian for many, many reasons. I didn’t get more than 1.5 episodes through Obi-Wan Kenobi. I didn’t even bother with Book of Boba Fett.

So it’s great to finally get a Star Wars TV show that is ACTUALLY COMPETENTLY MADE!

It’s almost as though talented and expert creatives came up with an entire logical story and compelling characters from scratch, rather than relying 100% on left-over nostalgia from earlier movies. Shocking!

Andor is the best Star Wars for decades! Waaay better than all the other TV garbage and disappointing sequels and prequels and midquels.


I was not overly excited for Andor when it was being marketed, mostly because of Star Wars TV show fatigue and also because Rogue One didn’t impress me nearly as much as it seems to have for a lot of people. It was fine, but I didn’t think it was anything too impressive. After finishing this season of Andor I decided to watch it again to see if I would see it differently. Nope, if anything it highlights just how much better they made the characters and storytelling in the TV show than in Rogue One. However it also clarified what didn’t land for me in Rogue One, it was too fast paced! It was just one major thing quickly happening after the next. Whereas the slow burn of Andor was exactly what was needed to tell a story about the typical person in the Empire and what would drive them towards rebellion, rather than a hero’s journey story.

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I wonder if there is enough extra footage from Rogue One to extend it out into a mini series, or something not bound to a 2 hour running time. With more time to build and establish characters, it could fit the mold of the far superior Andor more closely.

A good, fairly quick summary, of a big aspect that made Andor both extremely compelling and terrifying, the banality of evil:

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Dylan Marron (host of Conversations with People Who Hate Me) is launching a podcast on the story of Jar-Jar Binks and interviews with his actor Ahmed Best.

The podcast launches June 28 on the TED Audio Collective, but a trailer is available here.

The podcast is out. Listen to the first episode here.