Star Wars: The Disney Era


The message wasn’t “hit this exhaust port” but “I’ll explain to you what is going to be unstable in the very core of the death star, and you guys will have to find out a way to make it blow with whatever weapons or skills you may have.”

I’m sure there were other ways to destabilize the reactors, not just that port. Maybe a saboteur getting into the control rooms, or a bomb somewhere else inside.

I think that’s why, in A New Hope, the Empire hadn’t already closed off the port, and doesn’t immediately see what is happening when the rebels do attack. There is a short scene where Tarkin is told “we’ve analyzed their attack, and there is a danger”. Even after the attack began on that very port, it took a team to work out why it might be dangerous!

Overall, I’m worried there might be a movie to explain some of the backstory of Rogue One to explain some incongruities it has. And then another movie to explain some of the incongruities IT has. Then it’ll be prequel movies for incongruity straightening all the way down.


Rogue One reminds me of this:


Also this:


That is exceedingly accurate to what I have to deal with at work at a naval shipbuilder. I guess one could say nuclear subs are a modern equivalent to the Death Star. Or a Star Destroyer maybe, or -


I just now realized Star Destroyers are Destroyers that sail among the stars. Up till now ive taken it in the context of that which destroys stars.



Went and watched Rogue One today. It was fine. It is definitely the most depressing movie in the Star Wars Canon in my opinion because everybody just dies at the end, which is kind of logical because else you’d ask where they were during the events of the original trilogy. However, the movie also in the end makes you remember all the heroic exploits that follow, playing up the hope angle.

The movie also does good in actually building up the Empire as the bad guys, as really threatening and not just the “evil on the horizon”. I mean yes I understand that the Empire is always the bad guys and a fascist, despotic ruler, but in Rogue One you can actually see this first hand. When in A new Hope the Death Star blows away Alderaan it is rather abstract. You are told that this is a very populous planet and you get to understand the hurt its loss causes for Leia, but you don’t have first have experience. The destruction of the mining city in Rogue One is far more “personal” to the viewer because the viewer actually stepped through the streets of that city. It also showcases the callousness of the Empire since it would rather wipe out a city of presumably millions than having to defend it against the Rebels.

Similarly for Darth Vader. You understood during the Original Trilogy that he was powerful, but I don’t remember where his power was really demonstrated well. Most of his combat scenes are either duels or he is leading a group of Storm Troopers. In the scene at the end you can see that he just mops the floor with a corridor full of armed guards and nobody has even the slightest glimmer of a chance against him.

I also like the change in scenery in this movie. A lot of Star Wars is set on industrial space stations, cities and desert planets (and yes, Hoth is also a desert planet). While this is also true for the mining planet, I do enjoy them showing a quasi jungle planet with a very wet climate at the beginning, as well as the tropical planet where the final fight is set.


Speaking of Rogue One, one problem I didn’t realize until a friend pointed it out was the generous usage of the Death Star’s superlaser prior to Alderaan. Yeah, I know they didn’t exactly use it to blow a whole planet to smithereens in Rogue One, but the couple of planets they did use it on were still basically killed, if on a slightly longer and less dramatic timescale.

This, in my opinion, diminishes the Alderaan scene in ep 4 significantly.


Episode VIII has an official title.



I fuckin’ hate that name.

In the order of the movies we just had the Return of the Jedi and now we’re down to the Last of the Jedi?

Shoulda’ been called more like “Temporary Resurgence of the Jedi” I guess.


Eh, that’s Star Wars for you. Whenever a new trilogy comes out, the middle one always has the cheesiest title.

Frankly, I’m fine with The Last Jedi. After all, it could’ve been worse.

Edit: Also, I like how the title is blood-red instead of the standard yellow. It definitely gives off an ominous vibe.


Well…it’s technically ~30 years between RTOJ and TFA, as well as the fact that Knights of Ren murdered all of Luke’s apprentices at his school.



I told Adam at TFA that I thought Rey was a Kenobi. The more fan theories I see, the more I think I might have been right - not that it matters at all.


Ooh. Good thinking. Sounds legit to me.


I keep reading theories that Rey is actually a Palpatine, either a descendent or actually a female clone.


That sounds even better!


@jabrams007, want to make a friendly wager on this just for fun?


Sure, sounds like fun. Winner gets bragging rights and loser has to proclaim winner was right in a forum post? :wink:


Here I am, alone with my Rey Porkins theory


Let’s just put all our chips on the table:

Rey Antilles
Rey Mothma
Rey Dodonna
Rey Organa
Rey Calrissian
Rey Fett
Rey the Hutt

Reylacious B. Crumb