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Is anyone out there doing Photoshop speedruns? Maybe recreate famous images from blank page. No using machine learning or copy/paste.

I can imagine there are photoshop and other Adobe CS speedruns. Challenge would be what’s the way to judge the final result? Is it pixel-perfect recreation? Is it just based on the judges’ opinion that it’s close? It’s tough to say how one figures out who finished first. At least with music one could say "it has specific notes of generally the right sound in the right order and call it a complete. So maybe the images have to be fairly rudimentary and there’s clear ways to say whether a shape or form or whatever is generally in the right position and proportion and color.

I have definitely watched some CAD speed modeling, which is usually a head-to-head format but otherwise it’s just speedrunning a productivity software. The key here is that the challenge is provided in the form of a dimension drawing. Then the goal is to provide the exact weight down to 4 decimal places with a provided material (density) from a model made to those dimensions. Thus there is definitely a correct result even if people use different methods (or even differing software) to get there.

Image people have methods.

So those seem like good methods for ‘image people’ in terms of programmers and scientists who work on image as a science, to analyze an image in various states of transmission and compression and so-on. I’m sure those could be used to see if an image that someone made was close to the other with some fine tuning. Just not sure if those methods would work good for real time editing work by the artist to know whether their generated image has achieved the goal or not before they put the pencil down and know how many milliseconds off the record they are. If there was a program that was analyzing the image in real time and gave a % of ‘complete’ and could show where the image was different, maybe, then artists could have a way to know where to work towards their final result visually.

Maybe if there were set images (like levels in a game) where everyone was well versed in the specific details to be achieved, the exact nuances of each image, and so it wasn’t a matter of puzzle solving in real time as much as executing a known set of tasks in a fast way for the ‘run’, then we’d start to be on a path to something, in the same way in the musical clip everyone’s trying to do Soulja Boy.

But for sure it’d be tough if it was a photo of a famous painting. It’d be easier if it was some pixel art, or a specific meme, or some other thing where it’s pretty clear what the start point is and where it ends up.

Personally I think graphic design could be something to speedrun. Doing a magazine cover or a website homepage from a set of pre-packaged assets in a certain version of InDesign, for example.

First I thought that time seemed super fast (and it is, for game that casually takes 50 to 100 hours), but I guess most Yakuza 7 Substories are just talking and like one fight, so it’s not like they take that long, when skipping all the dialogue and running routes optimally.

I guess I should also watch this to see if that’s the case.

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I don’t know if it’s a speedrun per se, but NES Tetris was beaten. Like, crash the game beaten.

A matter of months after every framerule in Super Mario getting got, what a time for NES.


Do you have 81 hours to kill?

(only linking part one for obvious reasons)

More like a record chase than a speed run, but I guess this is the thread to drop Summoning Salt’s content and his latest video is excellent (as always).


I clicked on that last night just like “oh what’s Salt got today?” not being that big on Tetris and not really realizing it was a 2 hour video. But it was worthwhile.

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I’m getting kinda tired of the Summoning Salt. I really like the parts of the videos where they talk about the new techniques and tricks that were invented that changed the game.

First we figured out you can skip this part. Then we figured out there’s a way to become invincible. etc.

The parts where he’s like then person A took the record, then person B was a second faster! Then person A came back again. That part needs to be cut out.

Dude needs an editor big time. 2 hours I could watch a nice long movie. I bet if this was edited to just the good parts it could be 15 minutes.

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To each their own I guess. Most people are tuning in exactly because of the way Salt gives the blow-by-blow evolution, describing the nuances of why each WR was big at the time and building some of the suspense and anticipation for each stage in the path. It allows each accomplishment to be appreciated in its context and to give the players their flowers even when their achievements are soon to be obsolete they still accomplished something great at the time.

Though yeah I could see merit in a 'Summoning Salt Abridged" channel that skips the run by run accomplishments and just briefly summarize the evolution up to modern day strats and cover where things are now. That might work for some games better, esp ones where there isn’t that much change in the top runners, or where the strats hadn’t changed all that much. And might appeal for those who aren’t looking for something to put on in the background for hours.

For me I want the long form stuff. I’m constantly looking for quality channels that make videos over 1 hour. I think if shorter videos were what people want, the watch statistics would tell Salt to make shorter videos. But seems most comments seem happy with the longer runtimes.

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If only I was so blessed to have such an abundance of free time. Even if I retired, I’d have to at bare minimum watch every movie I care for, read every book on my shelves, and play my entire Steam backlog before I even started to consider watching the 2 hour YouTubes.

Some of the bangers I’ve watched all the way through, but I think the majority I’ve put on to the side while I’m playing a game that has downtime or working on something.

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