Speedruns to Watch

A catch all for any non GDQ speed runs that are worth watching. Here is the new world record for Zelda: BOTW 100% No DLC. Just under 20 hours.

I assume it includes all Shrines, but does it include all Korok seeds? Do you have to grind for all armor upgrades? Do you have to do every little quest for every person you meet? Cook every possible food? Buy the house and fill it with everything? Even with speedrun tricks and 20 hours, it still seems like too much to do.

All Shines, All Korok Seeds, All Armor that you can not sell fully Upgraded, No max cooking since the game does not keep track of that, also all map locations and side quests.

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Ah, so only things the game tracks. That includes things like the memory photos. But I guess they aren’t taking a photo of every single object and enemy for the item finder, even though the game does sort-of track that?

I guess this is without any DLC also.

You are correct, photos included and only things that the game can track. BLJs are the reason it makes it possible.

Not so much a speedrun itself, as a documentary about them, but…