Sleeping and sleeping accessories

I was going to put this in the Human Maintenance thread but decided that it warranted its own topic.

As I get older I find that it takes a lot less for me to hurt my neck sleeping. This is made worse by the fact that I don’t really know which position my body is going to settle in once I fall asleep so I can’t really adjust my pillows to compensate. Currently looking for the right pillow to help with this but thus far I haven’t been able to find shit, as any Google search for info only spawns a thousand ads for gimmicky pillows.

So frcf, how ya sleeping?

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I use a shaped foam pillow and I sleep primarily on my back.

Sleeping on my side, I’m prone to limbs falling asleep. So I tend to sleep mostly in a Dracula Position.

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Memory foam is my friend. Memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow have virtually eliminated all sleeping bullshit.

The other thing that helped was fixing my various airway issues (tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, septoplasty) so that I can breathe properly at night. That means more restful sleep, and many fewer instances of flailing about in a way that leads to me straining something.

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If I sleep on my back I snore. I always sleep on my side or my front.

Also, when I lay on my back, my heels start hurting. What I think I need is something to put under my ankles to keep the weight off my heels? It’s weird.

I went for a medical checkup today, and the doctor noticed an issue with my left foot rolling out a bit, and suggested some risers in my shoes. This might all be connected. I hadn’t noticed that until he pointed it out. The only time I’ve had issues was when I was working on a juggling trick where I stand on one leg and bob my body up and down. I thought it was just spending way too long on the trick, but it could actually be a physical issue.

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I recently bought a winkbed plus and then added a 3" memory foam topper for my current sleep studies.

I lay on my side. If I am tired, I lay down and go zzz. However, during certain times of the year I wake up early. My body feels like it’s time to wake up, and it’s like, 4am. I go back to sleep, but then I still wake up again at least an hour before the alarm. There are also times where I’m mostly asleep, but just beginning to rouse, and it feels like I’m in that state for an extended period before I advance to waking up.

I got a mattress in my bed, and it was good, but got meh. It’s also 10+ years old. Instead of buying a new mattress, I bought a big sheet of foam to put on top. Not the biggest fan of foam, since I like a firm bed, but I can sleep on anything. Extended the life of the mattress and saved a ton of money.

Also, latex pillows are the best.

My wife is now 8 months pregnant so can only sleep lightly on her side so I need to make sure I face away from her so as to not wake her up with my breathing. I am pretty good at holding discipline and not rolling onto my right side but I struggle to sleep as well while I am controlling my positions.

I wake up between 6:00 and 6:30 every morning before my typical work alarm and can rarely get back to sleep again.

When the baby comes I don’t know how I’ll cope but I know I will.

I’m a full dracula. I want to buy a new bed at some point… I’ve had this one for ten years? I have been trying one of those weighted blanket things, and it had me fall asleep quicker, but then wake up with a sore back. I don’t totally know what exactly it means, but when I had an x-ray for something else it included notes about my spine. Which leads me to believe I should avoid doing things that cause noticeable back pain.

Ive never had an easy time falling asleep. I constantly rotate positions until i finally fall asleep. Just got the Purple brand pillow and while it’s pretty pricey i havent had neck pain yet. It feels like my head is still adjusting to being properly supported but I’ll put up with that if it means no neck pain.

I like the title of this thread. I sort of imagine Hank Hill saying “Why, I sell sleeping and sleeping accessories” To which I’d obviously reply “I’d like to purchase all the sleep I’ll ever need for the rest of my life.”

I’m a lousy sleeper for a handful of unrelated reasons all of which contribute in part to me generally not being able to get to sleep at a reasonable time, and when asleep, am prone to waking up at the slightest disturbance or just for no reason at all and thus beginning the long and often futile process of trying to fall asleep anew.

I’ve tried as many things as I can think of. I’ve got a memory foam mattress cover and pillow (maybe the full mattress is next?). I’ve tried regulating the temperature of the room, changing what style of blanket or sheets I sleep under. I’ve tried some of the over the counter remedies, like melatonin and valerian root, even just a bit of old fashioned alcohol.

Some of these help a bit, but none actually lead to me waking up feeling well rested.

So, I guess to answer the main question. Not well. I’m not sleeping well.

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My advice in general (YMMV) is:

  1. Don’t look at your phone in bed
  2. Don’t use screens near bedtime
  3. Darken your bedroom
  4. Don’t drink alcohol within an hour of bedtime
  5. Try to go to bed around the same time every night
  6. Don’t binge on social media within a couple hours of bedtime

My biggest contribution to sleep has been a Certa memory foam topper and pillow from like Kohls, and an eye mask with little speakers so I can listen to calming music or ASMR while laying against a pillow.

The second biggest contribution to sleeping has been leaving my day job, since I’m definitely a night owl and I just realized that I want going to adapt to the 6am wakeup bullshit. I was running on 2-3 hours a night for sometimes weeks on end, with micro napping when possible. Now I sleep from 4-5am to 10am, or sometimes to noon If need be, and it feels so much more normal and right. I know that’s not useful or possible for many, but listening to your body and finding a work lifestyle that matches is ultimately helpful if the issue isn’t quality or physical ability to sleep, but just lack of it. If I have to get another job, I will look for one with flexible hours or doesn’t start until 10am or maybe a second shift type schedule.

No one has mentioned it yet, but does anyone have a weighted blanket? I’ve been reading about them and they’re supposed to be amazing, but they’re also pretty expensive.

I mentioned it. I found it causes my back problems.

Huh, I must have missed that. My apologies.

I’m still somewhat intrigued by them, but if they’re causing you back pain, I might hold off.

Maybe I got too heavy of one, or maybe I just have a spinal problem that will eventually catch up with me. I did fall asleep more quickly with it when I was trying it.

I get the same effect by taking a light quilt and folding it in thirds lengthwise so it’s denser, then putting it on my upper body.

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I’m not the best person to give sleep advice, but considering how deeply and easily I sleep, maybe something about my lifestyle and sleep habits will help you.

I fall asleep within a couple minutes of wanting to do so. Unless I’m acutely ill, this is always the case.

I don’t drink caffeine after 4:00pm unless it’s a single espresso with a desert before ~9:00pm.

I don’t have more than ~1/3 of a standard drink of alcohol within an hour of planning to sleep.

I sleep in a completely dark room. No nightlights. Blinds closed. Phone hidden so that its notification light could never spill into the room.

I sleep on my back with a memory foam pillow.

I get ~70 minutes of low-intensity cardio per day, and ~20 minutes of high intensity. (I sleep less well when I don’t exercise).

I brush my teeth and otherwise prepare for bed immediately before I plan to sleep, often including a brief shower (body only: no hair).

I don’t look at my phone while I’m lying in bed.

I sleep in a completely silent environment. No white noise. Occasional rabbit noises.


When I fly, I typically don’t experience jet lag sleep disturbances.

I perform high intensity cardio for extended periods whenever I travel.

On trips where I don’t get that cardio, I do experience sleep disturbances if the time zone shift is more than ~6 hours.

The more I think about it, the more strongly I can correlate sufficient cardio with good sleep.

I knew I was missing something in my life.