Shaving, hair removal, and razors

Hello there I thought we had this thread in the other forum but could not locate it on my side. Looking to get a better razor and open to suggestion and general tips to get some smoother skin.

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How steady is your hand? You can always get a safety razor.

I haven’t used something that isn’t a safety razor since I was like 23 and I don’t believe I’ve ever cut myself.

Cutting yourself is gonna be a straight edge issue.


Safety razor is pretty easy to wrangle even if you have shakey hands.

Don’t bother with the straight razor unless you want Shaving to be a part of your life :wink:

I still use the same Merkur I bought back when we did our show on shaving back in 2005!

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I bought a bunch of stuff from Dorco on the cheap a while back. I heard they are (or used to be) the supplier for dollar shave club. Last week I got this cheap beard trimmer on amazon. Very satisfied with both.

I would never suggest a straight edge to anyone. I prefer my safety razor to Mach X, but I do nick myself.

As for skin care, I use a cheap moisturizer, battleborn beard oil (Vanilla and Clove), and in the shower, just use the same shampoo and conditioner for my beard as the hair on my head.

Around the same time as I got my first safety razor I also got a straight edge. I guess I really fell for the marketing and fancied myself a barber extraordinaire. The reality was it didn’t give me any closer of a shave than the safety razor, and I reliably cut myself.

Like getting through a shave with a straight edge without bloodshed was cause for celebration. On top of that there’s sharpening, honing and stropping the blade. And maintenance of your flatstones, leather, and strop respectively (I wasn’t informed waxing my leather was going to be part of shaving)

Basically what Rym said but with more detail.

As to the original point of the thread. I genuinely can’t remember which specific safety razor I bought. I think at the time there was a brick and mortar store that just sold these things and that’s where I got it. I remember it being too expensive.

I can say I use these blades. They’re good enough for me to confidently buy them in lots of 100.

I subscribed to Harry’s maybe two years ago after listening to hours of Hello Internet, and as a result have more razor blades than I will likely use for the next decade.

I am no longer subscribed to Harry’s.

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After growing a beard for the play I was in I shaved it all off but decided to use the beard trimmer taking it one step lower every day until it was all gone (except the number 1 goatee I keep). Figured to do it like that because I’ve seen those videos where a kid gets upset that dad shaved his beard off all at once and I didn’t want to confuse or upset my 7 month old.

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That’s probably a good move, I did the Movember thing a few years ago and my nephew who was just about to turn 2 wouldn’t come near me for a couple of days after I shaved.

I use a Harry’s Razor but never subscribed. because I am just maintaining the non-beard area on cheeks and neck and only shave 1-3 times a week a single razor cassette (4 blade heads) will last me last me like half a year with how long each individual head seems to hold up from them.

That’s exactly my issue. I work from home now, and so my shaving is essentially once a week making sure my eyelashes and beard do not become the same thing.

That said I have something like 30-40 blades in a closet.

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I bought this box of razor blades in January of 2017. I still have plenty and I shave daily.


I use the Norelco 3500 Wet/Dry Shaver from Philips. It works great, especially on thick facial hair.

They also have another shaver under the “Series 3000” label called Multigroom. Don’t waste your money on that one.

I’ve used this exact shaver for about 10 years now. It’s perfectly fine. When one broke after a few years, I bought the same one again, which is always a good sign for a product I use daily. Good for travel, good for daily use.

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This is what I use. I can 100% recommend.
I use the Merkur heavy duty, I am still in love with how close the shave is.
I like to use the Lavender Art of Shaving Cream , I love the subtle scent of lavander that this brand has.

I have the Executive razor from Dollar Shave Club. I get four cartridges every month, so one a week if you do it right. Five blades on the cartridges though I’m not sure if it’s totally necessary but my face is nice and smooth. Plus they offer a lot of cool toiletries now as well.

1950 barber training, practicing on balloons.

Fun facts - that’s still a pretty standard training method in barber schools and apprenticeships. (Also in some Hairdressing schools and apprenticeships, but I don’t know if it’s as common.) You’ve gotta be able to consistently shave the balloon, before they let you loose with a razor on an actual person’s hair.