Rick & Morty


Fair enough. I wanted to join the fandom, but eh. It’s just not my thing and don’t know if I desire to try to watch again. I regret buying the first season.


Morty is Lemongrab. So, yeah.

Unrelated: Rick & Morty had an Over the Garden Wall moment for me early in the show.

When Beatrice starts talking, Wirt says something to the effect of, “birds can’t talk, they don’t have the cerebral capacity for speech.” Beatrice gets mad at him - “hey, I’m right here you know!”

That ~10 second exchange pretty much had me all in. Oh, that’s what kind of show this is going to be.

R&M had a scene where Jerry says “how is Morty supposed to pass his classes when you’re dragging him off on high-concept sci-fi rigamarole?”

That tells me things the show will be about: high-concept sci-fi rigamarole. Things it will not: Morty passing classes. Sold.


I was sold on it in the first episode with the “It’s okay to shoot them, they are robots” followed by “it’s a figure of speech, they’re bureaucrats, I don’t respect them”


When I realized the crazy stuff wasn’t going to be forgotten from episode to episode.


I’m female and like the show also. However, I don’t know any other female friends who do.


I feel like it’s partially due to Adult Swim in general having a young male adult audience, so many females may not expect to like it either based on other Adult Swim shows they have seen that they didn’t particularly care for. But that’s for those who didn’t choose to watch it, not those who just didn’t like it.


Can we stop calling girls and women “females?” It is a pet peeve of mine. The article belows discusses why it is problematic.

As for Adult Swim and women, there are many reasons why women abhor it. Below are a couple of articles discussing some of the issues.

None of the above has anything to do with why I didn’t enjoy Rick & Morty. Just an FYI.


i was only using it as we were talking about enjoyment by males vs females; I generally don’t otherwise just call women and girls females.

And I totally get why women wouldn’t like Adult Swim, it’s pretty dude centric and doesn’t exactly have the best representation of women when there actually are any in a lot of shows.


Mike Lazzo in charge doesn’t help either. https://www.dailydot.com/parsec/adult-swim-animation-sexism-women/ Don’t forget for every Rick and Morty, there’s a 12 Oz. Mouse or Million Dollar Extreme.



They’re getting a board game soon, and it’ll be a skin of Clue.



They are getting more than just Clue, but the rest are all original Cryptozoic games. So good luck with that.

And that livestream was a complete shitshow



McDonald’s milking it.



Dude, that therapist scene. Pickle Rick!



Fifteen Pickles.