Recent Board Gaming


The reload thing was important, I think we reloaded at least twice.


2x Innovation
3x Mottainai
1x Bohnanza
1x Snowdonia
1x Honshu
2x Deadline
2x Frank’s Zoo
2x Bohnanza: The Duel
1x Between Two Cities: Capitals
1x Sticheln
1x Burgle Bros
1x America

Every time I play Snowdonia, my rating has risen significantly (it was initially a 6, after this week I raised it to 8 on BGG). It has been great with 2, 3 and 4 players.

A lot of these plays were with Anthony’s friends from California… Bohnanza, Frank’s Zoo, Between Two Cities, Sticheln, and America.

Deadline is fine with the correct rules, very unique but not a replacement for The Grizzled or Witness. I’ll happily play through all 12 cases.

After playing the two “new” Innovation expansions, my opinion… Figures > Artifacts > Cities > Echoes. Maybe it’s time to play with everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Introduced some friends to Wind the Film!
  • Played another 2 missions (4 of 13) of D&D Temple of Elemental Evil board game. Not sure we’re going to go back to it.
  • Won Modern Art! This may be the first auction game I’ve won.


Wind the Film is so good!

Despite its simplicity, I still really like playing Modern Art.


The Labs expansion to Scoville feels like exactly what board game expansions should be. Just enough to shake things up, and none of that “use some combination of a bunch of expansion modules and figure out yourself what the best version of the game is” garbage


Told you it was good.


The Spiel interviewing the world record holder for dice collecting is the most Gen Con thing I have ever seen

Check out @thespiel’s Tweet:


Nevermind it might be this


1x Innovation
3x Spirit Island (new)
1x Löwenherz
3x Kashgar: Handler der Seidenstrasse
2x Kingdomino (new)
2x maskmen
2x Okey Dokey
2x Thurn & Taxis
2x Whistle Stop (new)
2x Würfel Bohnanza
1x Bohnanza: The Duel
1x Festival of Thousand Cats
1x Cacao
1x Ricochet Robots
1x Targi
1x Automobiles

I haven’t updated in a while, this post covers everything since August 10.

Spirit Island is the highlight of both weeks. An intricate coop that I never would have played if Anthony hadn’t bought it. Think Mage Knight: the Board Game or the LotR/Arkham Horror card games.

I think a lot of people played Whistle Stop at GenCon, but I had my preorder copy last week. Pretty fun tactical puzzle, and I like how players control where the tiles come out.

Löwenherz is one of my favorite games from the 90s, so that was a treat. :]

Kingdomino was better than I was expecting, I might get a copy for myself in anticipation of the expansion.

I finally won a race in our Automobiles season, three races in and now everyone’s “deck” is degenerate. All good fun, though.

Also quite a few games that I hadn’t played in a while… Kashgar, Thurn & Taxis, Cacao, Ricochet Robots, Targi. Looking forward to PAX next week. :smiley:


That was less than 2 weeks ago! pence, I’m super impressed with how much tabletop gaming you consistently manage to accomplish. How do you do it? I would love to be able to find that much time to dedicate to tabletop. Any tips?


Don’t do other things.


Well, as an example, I mostly play games on Fridays and Saturdays.

This week, on Friday, we played Targi, Kashgar x3 (two of them were 2p games that only took 15 minutes each), Spirit Island, and Innovation. This took from about 5-9PM with some time to socialize etc.

On Saturday, we played Okey Dokey x2 (it takes about 5 minutes to play), Cacao, Spirit Island, Lowenherz, Automobiles and Festival of Thousand Cats. That went from about 6-11PM.

So that’s about 9 hours of gaming in an average week. And we play fast - there’s a geeknights podcast/panel about taking your turn that’s pretty relevant, there. Nothing we played this week needed to be taught to anyone present, which also sped things up.


Thanks for the example. Possibly what I’m lacking is friends that care much about finishing games expediently. I’ll have to look for the taking-your-turn-quickly panel and try to subtly insinuate some of the ideas into my friend group’s collective consciousness.



What’s nice about Spirit Island is that it manages to thread the needle for most of our group. It’s not overly complex, but still fairly deep and we’re the ones that go bump in the night.



So after hearing Rym and Scott rave about Hanabi, I picked up a copy and have been playing the crap out of it with my group.

So far we have noticed a relationship between number of player and score:

Players – Avg Score
2 – 17
3 – 21
4 – 21
5 – 17

I should note that we are still learning strategies and aren’t good at this game by any means. But we see this average come through with several combinations of our players (we have about 10 people in our group).

Has anyone else noticed this pattern in their play throughs? And what number of players do you feel gives you the best shot at that elusive 25 point game?


More players is easier because you have access to more information. The more other cards you can see, the more info you have about your own cards.


I’m thinking four seems to be the sweet spot. Has a nice flow to it. We just got 23 today! Luckily my friends are just as addicted as I am, so 25 can only hide for so long. Can’t believe this game was only 10 bucks and has so much replay ability. I always hate dropping $30 on a game only to play it twice and have it sit on the shelf as a paperweight.


Cards or dominoes?