Randomizer Appreciation Thread


I’ve watched chunks of it, it’s definitely an interesting mode. I have to get better at normal rando before I would consider that, though.




There’s a side tournament with Overworld Glitches allowed.


If you are not aware, the fall tourney is in the bracket stages for ALTTP. This is where a person can “pick” what type of game they want to play and then play the game against their competitor. Top two in the bracket will move on. This is the first match where two runners repeatedly hit a wall over and over again.


Close race






I finally watched the Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise randomizer race from this year’s AGDQ all the way to the end.

This is the one I want to play.



Also this one:



Mostly this reminded me of how much of a fucking grind FF4 is, and this run is without random encounters.


Even in a casual playthrough, I’d typically grind at:

  • Mount Ordeal
  • Dwarf Kingdom
  • Sealed Cave
  • The Moon

That’s in addition to generally fighting regular encounters. But it also assumes I was able to beat a good number of bosses with strategy as opposed to leveling. This required some skill and knowledge.