Randomizer Appreciation Thread

Instead of me posting Randomizer runs in AGDQ lets make a new thread. Right now in LTTP land they are doing a Keysanity Tourney. (Normal rando + all keys, compasses, maps) . Here is a nail biting close match.



I started to actually play some LTTP randomizer after watching more of the keysanity stuff. The keysanity format is actually a lot more interesting to me to run casually since it isn’t only about the overworld routing to find the dungeon items but also some dungeon routing (Palace of Darkness is such a fun dungeon in this mode.).

There is another 2 vs 2 Link to the Past one coming up. It is going to be interesting because they are doing randomizer setting chosen by both the teams and the commentators each round via this complicated set up (which I think is an example of badly written rules.). Tomorrow night they are doing an exhibition of the exact format so I can see what they are meaning by the “Battleship” formatting of the seed choice.

If these videos weren’t all two hours long, I’d give one a watch. :confused:

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I watch them at 1.5x speed while working, and in doing that, I watched the entire spring tournament last year, it was so much fun. I’ve downloaded and played maybe 20 seeds myself, and tried out key-sanity once or twice as well. I love the concept of key-sanity, but I can’t bring myself to play it too often.

Next time I see a good jet seed I’ll let you know.

These days I only watch speedruns or races that have deep and continuous commentary.

Good randomizer run, but the commentators were a bit too much for my tastes.

This is one of my main gripes with speed gaming best thing to ask for is a “top 4” being the best of the best.

Watched most of the first week of the 2v2 mystery seed runs and a couple of interesting runs happened.

A Long match between"Teamed Hams" and “Dos Bonks” showing off how taxing these matches can be on the players:

and a Short one between “Octosamurai” and “I heard you like trainwrecks?” which shows off how quick the matches can go:

(warning: the commentator on this one seems a bit nervous/lost at the start of this.)

@luke et all. A new randomizer is starting to get really interesting that is SMB3. Beat the game, no warps, random items, random enemies, random health count. Here is a great race.

In case the time stamp doesn’t work start at 1:02:30


It’s semifinal time in the keysanity tourney


Finals are here



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Spring lttp tourney so far has been a dud, but it’s just the first round. In the mean time…


Okay I am old and don’t pay attention to this stuff. What is this exactly? ROM hacks that create random levels of old SNES and and Game Boy games?

It depends on how complicated the game is and how clever the randomizer is.

A Link to the Past might be the most complicated one. Basic randomization shuffles around chest and dungeon items in a way that’s guaranteed not to deadlock. More complicated modes will shuffle entrances and bind keys to specific dungeon and add those to the item shuffle.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is more on the simple end. Levels are shuffled around between the maps. Item blocks still produce items but they too are randomized.


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I just discovered the wonder of http://z3rsim.com.


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For those wanting a fast “jet” seed, here it is.