Randomizer Appreciation Thread


It’s happening!

Welcome to the Super Metroid and A Link to the Past crossover item randomizer.



If you are looking for a race that ends in about an hour, here it is. Context: Triple bingo needs 3 bingo on a randomly generated board, first one to get there wins.


Warning: this is a long one.


Someone made a master list.


Also you may now pay attention to alttp randomizer, they are FINALLY out of Swiss.


Bloopers from the Randomizer competitions.


For those who like Alttp Randos a bunch, they are hosting a live event around it for cash prizes.



Loaded first 20 minutes, early divergence, and a item hunt at the end!


This was a great bingo race


This race is fucking amazing: zer0rush versus ALGAndy.

Here’s the reddit discussion (contains spoilers).


Blind pedestal pull!