Randomizer Appreciation Thread


It’s happening!

Welcome to the Super Metroid and A Link to the Past crossover item randomizer.



If you are looking for a race that ends in about an hour, here it is. Context: Triple bingo needs 3 bingo on a randomly generated board, first one to get there wins.


Warning: this is a long one.


Someone made a master list.


Also you may now pay attention to alttp randomizer, they are FINALLY out of Swiss.


Bloopers from the Randomizer competitions.


For those who like Alttp Randos a bunch, they are hosting a live event around it for cash prizes.



Loaded first 20 minutes, early divergence, and a item hunt at the end!


This was a great bingo race


This race is fucking amazing: zer0rush versus ALGAndy.

Here’s the reddit discussion (contains spoilers).


Blind pedestal pull!


The Frame Savers reviews the early history of randomizers and interviews Andy about ALTTPR.


Holy shit


A rare race where


Andy loses.


ALTTPR Inverse Mode is coming!


Wait. You start in the dark world first???


And you use portals to get to the light world, the moon pearl to not be a bunny there, and the mirror to get back!


I watched part of this getting ready for work this morning. I’m watching the rest as soon as I get home!


That looks epic, I can’t wait to give that mode a shot!