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I have a plan. You get a maverick demolitions crew, and train them rapidly to be astronauts…

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That’s essentially what these are

but on a large scale, you will run into inefficiencies at the quantum level (I’m imagining), where to produce enough electrical current, you need such extreme speeds of the rotor, it may just destroy itself or the stator.

To get a system that works on that scale you may as well just have reinvented a star. In which case what you really want to build is a Dyson sphere.



Black Hole Dyson power ftw.



Anyone had success with nicotine gum? I’m not interested in quitting nicotine but I am interested in quitting smoking.



Anyone used Campfire Pro, or something like it, to help with their writing? I’m considering trying it out after a few people I know recommended it, though they’re people I typically only trust with writing advice and not advice on stuff to buy. This is one of the few times my trusting their writing tips has intersected with something to buy.



I’ve tried to use WorldAnvil, which seems similar, to help with my writing. It hasn’t really stuck.

But this is writing advice we’re talking about here, so the answer is probably deeply personal. I use a Google spreadsheet to keep track of Proper Nouns in my stories, have a document that’s basically a scrap pile full of my brain-storming, ideas, and my outline.

I say this to just articulate that’s how I write, so the fact that I can’t recommend it only matters because my writing doesn’t work with what they’re presenting here. I have an old deck of character concepts and basically do a tarot reading to design my characters, so the detailed biographical fields are useless.

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I try some of those things, like Google Sheets for proper nouns, but am always forgetting plot threads or under-developing characters because I forgot to add something where I meant to. I like the idea of a tool which allows me to intertwine everything in a visible format without having to force tools to do that for me, like with a spreadsheet.

Non-fiction has always came easy to me as I can trivially connect dots where they already exist. Making those dots myself, then connecting them, is where I struggle.



I have never used a writing program myself, just use LibreOffice, but the two I hear are the most popular are Scrivener and Vellum. Vellum is the one I hear the highest praise for in features and utility but it’s Mac only for some insane reason. Who makes Mac only software any more?

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What anime songs should I learn how to play on guitar before busking by Anime Boston on Saturday?



Cruel Angel’s Thesis

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I was just looking at it, Gotta transpose because Bb is a bitch of a key on guitar and I’m not very good at making Gmaj7s. Also I’ll need to bring a lyric sheet cause I only really remember the lyrics to the hook.



Bubblegum Crisis - Mad Machine



Koji Wada - Butterfly.

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Theme to Trigun. That riff is too badass.

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I feel like someone on the Internet has done this work already.



Even if they haven’t there’s a built in transposition feature on the site I found the chords on.



And it’s instrumental! And there’s a tab on Ultimate Guitar!

Also, speaking of awesome anime riff,s gonna work on the Sailor Moon theme.



What can I say, I know you know how I love a big fuzzy guitar sound.

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Kaze ni Naru from The Cat Returns



This style goes probably beyond reasonable expectations, but I assume there are simpler tabs for it as well, so if you want to go for popularity you could learn “Cha-La-Head-Cha-La”. Its also a lot of fun for the audience to sing along.

For similar reasons, you could do a pokemon theme.