Random Questions


Should I get a Wii so I can play all the Wii and GC titles I missed?


Why not? Games are still just as good as they’ve always been, and most of them will be super cheap. Only problem is the Wii eShop is dead now, so you can only get games on disc.


Or, you know, CFW. Hackinga Wii is dead simple. As is, in fact, hackinga WiiU, which can also net you a hacked Wii AND a GameCube.


Is it really? I was a sucker and got a WiiU aka buyers remorse. Maybe can salvage this?


It takes maybe 15 to 20 minutes if you have the basic knowledge of how to use a computer.

https://wiiu.hacks.guide/ is the best resource on this.

It’s 90% “Copy this to the SD card, run this, look this up, if it’s this do this, if it’s that do this other thing, copy copy copy run copy run copy run haxord.”


Podcast count if 23, It used to be closer to 35 but I’ve cut down on a few, and others just ended due to issues.

I also listen at 2.5x, which helps me get through all the news/political podcasts I listen to.

Audiobooks too, I’ve been getting through quite the number of them since my commute went from 10 minutes to an hour.


Nope, you’re not alone. I do the same as well. I don’t listen to podcasts during my actual day job that pays the bills as I find it makes it harder for me to concentrate on my tasks, but I do like having them on for the sorts of tasks that you mentioned.


Listening to dialogue works fine when I’m using “other” parts of my brain. Assembling physical things. Playing Slay the Spire. I can’t overlap that with my day job though, which is programming. It turns into a lot of interference.


Someone at work is being a tool and pushing a bunch of blame on me for omitting “crucial” data. Data that is obvious and always omitted per SOP.

In our year of civilization 12019 is it acceptable to lay down Savage memeroasts in a work email? I got some choice Spongebob macros in the chamber ready to drop but I feel like somehow “work emails” require me to always use my grown-up words, even when we’re practically on some playground shit.

Now I’m just going to ignore this one and work it out. But have “active” memes and image macros and other things like that inflitrated your corporate veil or is it all very “Vincent going in to Stock Market today to do a Business”?


It would depend on the nature of your culture, honestly. In,s ay, a Microsoft, I wouldn’t even hint at it. Here, where the latest post in random is this, maybe a bit more.


I find explaining why they’re wrong using plain english in is the most political way to put someone down in a work environment. Dont respond to belligerent behavior in kind because then everyone just see two assholes fighting each other. Be kind and helpful and allow everyone else to see the context of you patiently explaining to a colleague information that they should have learned their first day on the job. As a bonus, in the off chance they were legitimately ignorant and having a bad day you can bask in the Schadenfraude when they apologize to you.


In work email, probably not. In work slack/irc/whatever, have at it (if that’s the way you roll at work.)

In my work slack my icon is Gengar, changed from cubone, changed from Garnet, etc etc etc. It’s meme-y.


I assume this is from the Neon Genesis Evangelion remake? Speaking of, is the remake any good? I was kind of waiting for the remake to be complete, but there’s a big gap between the third one and now.

All things sci-fi


Yeah that’s the one.

The first film follows the anime closely then the second one follows it mostly but recontextualises a lot of the events and the third film is just bonkers.

In total I don’t like the remakes, it’s about the fanservice, it’s become more like the power fantasy that the original series contrasted with.


I like the first two films well enough because they are close to the series, but with stunning animation in places. The third film disappointed me greatly but I still want to see how the final film wraps it all up.


That third film is a trainwreck and I love it.


If you like the robot fights in Eva you will like the remakes. All other parts of Eva basically aren’t there.


I still don’t think that’s right. I couldn’t even follow the final battle of the third movie, like where were they all in relation to each other? It just skipped from bit to bit, with so many cockpit shots to not be useful.


The first one is basically a remaster of the first 6 episodes. The second remake is a wider departure from the series, covering episodes 7-20 and slashing out about half of the episodes, then really changes it up at the end. The Third one basically goes fully off the rails, in just about all of the ways.


I still haven’t watched any of them. When the fourth one finally arrives in its final form, I will watch all four at once.