Random Questions


It Is possible to write software to do this. I don’t know what would happen if you connected the HDMI output from a gopro to the HDMI input on a VR headset. Probably not good. I don’t know of software that exists. If you recorded VR GoPro footage, you will probably have a much easier time.


It’s very hard. You have to send it with extremely low latency or it’s a big problem for the user in most cases (e.g., if it’s interactive in any way).

If you want to just send a sphere of video for someone to watch passively, look into how that kind of video is encoded today. It’s pretty straightforward.

What do you want to do with the video? Why does it have to be live?


Bugger well there goes that smart idea.

We were going to build full head sets, that had the eyes covered in most designs genius I know, and liked the idea of having a camera mounted in the centre of the face part.

edit; I should say we are not tech people in the slightest. This was the first idea that we had with out any real digging. The other option was just tinted lenses that would be easier but also a bit dull.


Sugar puffs or Frosties?


Frosties hands down.


Humidifiers? One room? Whole home? Fancy things? This is one of those topics I’ve never had to consider.


One room, maybe the one with the plants in.



Anyone have any suggestions how to make a bike lock not freeze? My sister has to leave her bike outside during class and it has frozen shut in the past.


WD-40 sounds like it might help?


Pretty much any auto parts store in the north would sell lock de-icer.


If you can cover it with something airtight it can keep out the moist air that freezes but that’s not always practical. Carrying a little bottle of lock deicer is probably the best bet. The company I used to work for supplied it to Lowe’s stores, you can find it by the desk where they copy keys.


Roughly speaking, what does it take to mic like 4 people at a time for an Extra Life stream? Can you cover a couch with a single mic that doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars? The quality wouldn’t have to be great but I’d like it not to be painful.


I’m speaking from a certain amount of experience here. We’ve been recording our RPG sessions for about four years now. We did use a single phone to record for the longest time. It was okay, but not great.

The other guy who runs and I just went in on this set-up, which he’d seen recommended a bunch of places because we kept talking about becoming yet another actual play cast.


I swore someone asked about how to do a charity livestream here…


I’m not sure if they’ve upgraded, but I know the OSW crew used a Blue Yeti microphone. That worked pretty well for them.


Searched for Comic(s) but cannot seem to find the main thread. Got my old iPad fixed and chucked Comic Zeal on, hoping to trawl through a thread with some good recommendations. Copied Monstress and Shade, the changing Girl over and holy crap, what have I been missing these last 2-3 years?? Can I have a link to the main comic thread please? Ta.


What’s going on here?

It looks like something fell off a cliff in 2005-2006. The previous 8 years were all north of 200, usually closer to 300. Then we’re in the 100’s ever since. Was everyone suddenly rulier starting in 2005?


If I had to guess, they either changed how they measure or how they handle unruly passengers. I’m leaning towards the way they measure but that’s just based on how sudden a shift it was.


In 20-30 years time, will wearing a MAGA hat in a year book photo be as disqualifying for a politician as being in black face is now?