Random Questions


Blue/Red maps don’t show the whole picture because that red area could be anywhere between 100% and 51% red. Get some percentages on those districts to see past the gerrymandering and get the whole picture. Also on that map you can’t see the sheer quantity of districts in the NYC area.

Also, out on Long Island are not just farms, but also rich people’s weekend homes.


The percentages are heavily Dem lean.


There’s also some 20th century infrastructure out there. Crumbling parking structures and genero old places that most industry pulled out of. it’s a tiny piece of middle America just chillin’ in the north east.


Exactly. So how are they going to go along with the changes you propose short of bloody revolution?


Those areas are rapidly gentrifying as people are desperate to live within commuting distance of NYC.

The pockets that aren’t are outside of a feasible commute.


Dat Nassau Coliseum.


I have no idea. I just want to minimize their input into our democracy. Their ideas are bad, and they are directly harmful.


I used to work just north of there in Carle Place. Never again.


And this goes back to Pilitus’s and Naota’s points. It’s a wonderful, pie-in-the-sky idea that you’re proposing, but there is no realistic way of accomplishing this.


I don’t know if it’s possible. This is why I have non-US options for my later life.


The first time I saw a map like this some mad scales fell from my eyes. I thought growing up that New York state was a generally liberal state. Most people I knew were Democrats. The Democratic party machine was alive and well in Albany and Schenectady. For example, my grandmother was a lifelong registered Democrat and once when a tree fell on her private property it was the city power authority who came to remove it, which was technically illegal but arrangements were made. Anyway, I grew up in that blue square around Albany and assumed that’s how the whole state was for a long time. When I moved to Virginia I was appalled by the backward conservatism, blissfully unaware it has been in my back yard my whole life.


I can understand that. It’s why I also keep my EU dual-citizenship handy, just in case.


The problem with those maps is that they convey a lot of LAND, but aren’t scaled to the population.


I’m actually in the process of getting my third citizenship… to a even more backwards country than the US. I didn’t roll exceedingly well on the “not nazis in modern times” genetics dice. Thankfully it’s in the EU so I guess I can work in places not that country.

Fun fact, Italy, the country I’m currently filing with, has its citizenship pass exclusively through the paternal line. The fact that my mother was born there does nothing for me as I wasn’t. Talk about patriarchy, it’s like… a literal and on paper patriarchy.

Also their deputy prime minister is a literal nazi.


I just had a thought about representation and Congress. What if the number of Members of Congress per state stayed the same but were all at large instead of by district and based on top x number of votes parliamentary style? Gerrymandering solved.


Isn’t that literally the system we fought against in the 1700s?


Yeah but like it was said earlier, it’s not the 18th century and we’re not a mercantile colony, and we were shut out of that system in the first place.


Well when the icecaps melt and the tide comes in I’m not so sure which oligarch will decide to rule the city of New Yorklantis, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to restructure the new layer of paint on your new government for your liege lord. \s

On a slightly tangential topic, went to the bakery today to get bagels for the office and their oven was down. People had different reactions, some people huffing and buying as much as they can, others cutting their order down or choosing to go without (me) to give others the opportunity. When things break down (natural disaster or otherwise) and the bread lines start I’ll probably just starve and that’s fine by me.


Anybody have suggestions where to buy music digitally that isn’t Apple or Amazon? I am now using Bandcamp, but unfortunately some bands I am looking for aren’t available there.


Bandcamp is the best spot but I understand the frustration. Another good spot is Loudr but again they are limited with their selection. Lately I have been flipping CDs or buying those USB sticks with music on it at shows.