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You’re reached your upper limit and are looking to blame other things to explain it. Accept responsibility for your own limitations and move on. You might as well resent the future for being unpredictable.


You’re playing the wrong game to get good at clicking on heads! 1000 hours in PUBG means 990 hours of looting and driving and hiding and running around. And about 10 hours of actually trying to click on heads. You only learn by dying, but it takes minimum 2 minutes between deaths, and also up to 20 minutes before seeing anyone in-game who might possibly be able to shoot you.

If you want to get good at FPS games, you need to spend 1000 hours playing Quake Arena or Unreal Tournament or Counter Strike Gun Game. There you can die 10 times per MINUTE, but also practice clicking on heads 10 times per minute.

After 1000 hours of PUBG you might get better at planning and teamwork and strategy and tactics. Which is cool. That’s what I concentrate on when I play, because I know my head clicking isn’t very good. If I wanted to improve head clicking I’d play another game.


I mean you’re not wrong that I reached a limit but I don’t think it’s unfair to say there are reasons for that limit that I find frustrating. Maybe I’ll try what @lukeburrage said and play something twitchier for a while and see if it helps.


Super happy to be fully packed and ready to leave China forever. Most of the students were great, but the school and the city were decidedly meh. Very happy to have two months off before moving back to Japan, where I was much happier.


Seems fitting to drag up this old chestnut today.


Flying cross country a bunch in the last few weeks and little sleep is turning my brain to mush. Perfect for starting a new job with.


I don’t know why, but this new Shaggy meme is right down my alley.


Watching a Stream and the Streamer had to stop because his wife who works at Blizzard got laid off, and so did 799 other people. They made mad bank. Meanwhile on Twitter I see lots of supportive people in the industry like “come work here at other AAA studio!” or “AAA studio X is always hiring!”

Yeah, that’s great to get someone a job who just lost one, but maybe you should work at a non-evil place so this doesn’t happen again?


Well, depends how you define evil, I suppose. Plenty of people work at Tesla and Uber, because they think those companies aren’t evil.



I don’t know what I did, but all of a sudden Amazon is recommending MAGA hats and women’s clothing.


Hades out here with that real comedy.


I think people that don’t fit exactly in marketing demographics confuse ad algorithms. I’m not LGBTQ but I have lots of friends on Tumblr who are and I reblog their stuff so I get ads clearly targeted at LGBTQ folks. I’m not upset about it or anything but I’m deffo not the target audience for an ad featuring buff mustachioed men in biker hats and leather hotpants encouraging me to get tested for HIV.


In this day and age, if you work in an environment that has more than 150 people and you haven’t been laid off due to making corporate projections, you’ve been extremely lucky.

I recently got restructured out of a job because the company got a new CIO and decided to replace low level employee with people he’s worked with before.


Most people have to take a job if they find one. They can’t be that choosey if it pays. Gotta make rent.

If you’re a top tier game dev/designer, there’s a limited pool of companies.


A lot of the people laid off are not in jobs where they have to stay in the gaming industry, they can change it up. For those that can’t change, I would still prioritize applying to smaller, but still stable, game studios that aren’t evil. There are actually many. Just go on Steam and look at all the games which are successful enough to make money, but not AAA. So far every game on the Steam best sellers list that is not from a AAA studio that I have clicked on has a few positions open. Stardew Valley needs a programmer. Unknown Worlds needs a level designer and a VFX artist. Psyonix (Rocket League) has a ton of positions open. Some game called Astroneer I never heard of made by System Era Softworks is near the top of Steam bestsllers, the company actually seems to have a reasonably sized team with three open positions.

I mean, if the job you can get right now is at stupid EA, then take it to pay rent, but immediately start looking for something better otherwise you’ll just get burned again.


Rarely hiring. It’s not a large number of available jobs. Those small studios tend to have a handful of permanent employees and rarely hire except for contract work.

Also a lot of those studios have a completed game that doesn’t need significant additional development. They don’t always have a second game in the works, and have likely downsized post-release.

The better game jobs are rare.


All the jobs I just found on the first couple pages of steam best sellers are permanent jobs. At least as permanent as any other game job. I put in the tiniest effort into looking. I’m sure I can find a lot more with a serious effort.

Also, I heard that all the laid off people did get severance packages. They were probably also well paid working for Blizzard living in California. if a team of developers is suddenly out of work, I say meet up the next day and form your own studio. If my entire team at work was suddenly out of work, I would definitely try to convince everyone to try to work on something together to see if we can make something happen while we also look for new jobs.


I guess 24yo white male puts me solidly in MAGA demos, and a lot of the comics I’ve been buying recently are probably more popular with women. Makes sense.