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I am reminded how the concealed carry law in Virginia extends to martial arts weapons, and hilariously identifies nunchucks as also being called “shuriken.”



NHK’s year-end music program opened with a Japanese cover of Livin La Vida Loca. It was…certainly a thing.


New Year’s TV is considered A Thing™ even by Japanese TV standards.


I meant the cover in particular. Kohaku was Kohaku. Bells were rung 108 times afterwards and lots of picturesque winter scenery was shown.


Just booked a bunch of travel for the next few weeks. Visiting NYC next weekend to try to find a place to live, PAX South the weekend after that, and new job starts right after that. Also going to be flying back to Seattle every weekend until the move is done. My body is already tired.


Someone who works for GameCenter CX really likes The Aquabats, and that makes me happy.



that account is fucking incredible.

All those bugs make complete sense, and I can see how they wouldn’t if you didn’t play DF as often as I do.


The new meme seems to be “a photo of me 10 years ago next to my current profile picture” but my profile picture on Facebook is from 2010. And I don’t think anyone has noticed. I mean, I’ve not changed a whole lot.

Anyway, I know this came up here on the forum a few months ago, as my gravitar image (as used here) was also taken in 2010.


Only saw this meme today, and it is pretty pointless, but I’m slightly amused by a few friends posts in that subject. Some people do genuinely seem way better off now in their 30’s, and good for them.

Edit: Also this made me try to lookup some people and it’s interesting who has completely removed their social media.


I feel like every time I say it, it’s going to come out “Shamir’s shecret sharing.”


China uses weird lights.


What if i posted here again?


We would say welcome back.


And probably ask you Terminator related questions.


Probably wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone point out that you were missed.



Yeah I kinda missed Terminator this year because I gave myself a concussion.

Also I’ve been working like… 10-14 hour days on my kickstarted RPG every single goddamn day and somehow fitting writing a novel and running playtests around that so it can be a bit hard to keep up with a chill forum like this.

but im going to try…


I hate the fact that as a child, I was not allowed to play FPS video games online, because of my over protective mother’s paranoid fear of violence “affecting me” and perverts on the internet. Its the type of game I want to enjoy the most, competitive shooters, but because I could not really get into them until I was nearly 17 and finally got my own computer I could do what I wanted with I never learned the skills or got that ingrained muscle memory for reflexively instinctively clicking heads. I’m now 32 and can literally never get better at them because that part of brain development is over forever. I fucking hate it.


There’s always a lower league? If you enjoy them and are not good at them, there’s always a lower MMR? I accept my middle-of-the-road-ness as an adult.

I would like to point out my grandfather enjoyed the shit out of the original NES Zelda even 30+ years later, even as he got worse at motor control. He seems to enjoy it a bit more in a twitch-like way when I come over and play the game in his stead, but still, nobody could be a professional NFL player forever, you’ve got to learn to enjoy the game vicariously somehow?


Not every game has MMR, like in PUBG its just the first 100 randos with similar ping in the same region so you’re thrown in with everyone from little Timmy who has no idea what’s going on to killers like WackyJacky and Shroud who will get 1/3 of the kills in whatever game they’re in. I don’t know its just really frustrating sometimes because I always wanted to be one of those people who is good at shooters but even after 1000 hours of PUBG I’m not really any better than I was at 500 hours. Its not just PUBG its just what I have been playing that has me feeling old and frustrated.