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Fuck, why didn’t I think of that. Well, if you’re gonna, you have my support.


Thanks!! I don’t know why we don’t have them stateside yet. People brought peacocks to this continent just because they were pretty but songbirds are important too. I gotta make some phone calls and sort this out


I was going to post directly, but then I realized I needed twitter to know too.



I’d noticed some of that too but not being a research scientist I didn’t feel confident enough to point it out.


As much as I like the current run of Squirrel Girl, I refuse to believe for a second that NYC prisons are serving any kind of grits. Literally cannot suspend disbelief despite reading a superhero comic.


Current Squirrel Girl has made me love Kraven the Hunter, love the squirrel girl take on him.


So do I! SG Kraven is great. I just can’t buy grits in NYC jail.


I’d never heard of grits until I watched ‘My Cousin Vinny’. I’ve lived in a suburb of NYC for the last 19 years. Can confirm.



Just like no plan survives contact with the enemy, no piece of software survives contact with the customer.


Finally found a reddit LPT that I can use.

Fruit juice here is mostly sold in rectangular tetra paks. Pouring spout down results in a mess, but pouring spout up, as per the LPT, achieves the desired result, liquid in cup with minimal mess.


Chipotle has Chorizo again “for a limited time.” I think they are trying to make it into their McRib.


That or pork prices have gone down domestically due to the tarriffs so it’s a good time to eat some pork in the US.


BRB. Going to buy bacon.


Enjoy your danger meat. I’ll be much safer skiing.



“Danger meat” is my new band name.


I’ll buy you your first pack.


Eat bacon while skiing to cancel out the danger.