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You’re saying Scott has a very strong opinion on something he doesn’t know that much about?!


The way I see companies like SpaceX is that their purpose isn’t to replace NASA, but to complement it. I don’t quite see it becoming like Weiland-Yutani, but maybe I’m a bit more optimistic than you are.

Leave the routine stuff like launching telecommunications satellites and resupplying the ISS to companies like SpaceX. Let NASA instead focus on more bleeding edge science and research. Heck, if SpaceX provides the rockets to launch deep space probes while NASA designs said probes and contracts out to SpaceX to launch them using conventional rockets, I’m fine with that. Let NASA instead research more exotic propulsion technologies like plasma engines, ion thrusters, warp drives, etc. or whatever else would get us to the next step in space exploration instead of just making bigger rockets.

Unfortunately, there is some wacky overlap with that now as SpaceX, mostly due to the ego of its figurehead, wants to move into territory that traditionally was more NASA’s sphere of influence: namely putting people on Mars. NASA’s lack of budget and direction probably also contributes to this problem as well. Personally, I’m not so sure NASA should be working on the SLS (which, by the way, is actually being developed by private companies like Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Orbital ATK, and others with NASA merely footing the bill). I’d rather its research budget be spent on the aforementioned exotic next-gen propulsion systems and space probes.

Going back to Scott’s Star Trek example, one thing to keep in mind is that the Federation in Star Trek is basically an enlightened post-scarcity society that has all but eliminated money except for when it comes to trade with other governments in the galaxy. Even so, Starfleet focuses on the military and bleeding-edge exploration stuff while they often leave the mundane stuff to private individuals such as Captain Sisko’s wife, Kassidy Yates-Sisko, who ran a shipping company, Kassidy Yates Interstellar Freights.


One reason is there’s a lot of infrastructure needed to support a scientific mission. The level of effort to plan and execute is bonkers. And now they’re doing two missions!


Of course, the other answer is letting people send up a whole shitload of tiny cubesats, offload all that infrastructure onto other people. And they were asked, if they’d consider it - they just said no.


I mean, this was also their first launch with this rocket design, so there’s a fairly higher-than-usual chance of it just blowing up. So maybe you don’t want to carry a useful payload.


In Tales of the Abyss (at least on the 3DS), you can skip a line of dialog during voiced cutscenes, but during un-voiced skits you have to sit and stare at the characters lips flapping silently for several seconds per line. It’s incredibly minor but it makes me irrationally angry. There’s a reason I immediately turn message speed to max in every video game ever.



Uh oh, now that my office has finished renovations, we are having a contest to give new names to all of the conference rooms. There are 9 rooms to be named, and the only direction they gave us is that they encourage positive, inspiring names. We even get a prize if our suggestion is chosen.

There is potential for mischief here.


You know Roomy McRoomface is coming…


Conference McRoomface?


Update: got into the beta
"But anyway things of the day unless you lived in iraq you’ve probably seen the steam hammers mean"


I used to not care about the “is software engineering actually engineering?” debate, but man it’s fucking with my search results. Especially when the job title includes “engineer” but not “software”.


When we moved offices, somehow the official winner for what to name the conference rooms was “Sandwiches”.


My new job is building software as part of an engineering firm. Headhunters from all over seem to think this means I qualify for all their jobs… when I clearly don’t.


Welcome to my life.


Except it probably does mean you qualify. Competency is rare.


Something I like about the new job is that the actual people earning money for the company are super competent at their thing and it entirely explains why they bring in the money they do. Being support staff to someone that actually justifies their costs is… definitely something I prefer to some past experiences.


I’m a T2 support tech right now and they won’t leave me the fuck alone. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you. Do they like camp outside your appartment?


No, they just camp in my inbox.


As in like, looking for actual physics and structures engineering?

I get the same problen: im an industrial designer by education, but it also means product designer in some categories. What’s annoying me is somehow people decided that those who design software packages are also product designers and label them such.

While there is a definite bridge one can cross from one field to the other, physical product design and software product design are definitely not the same discipline. So when i was invited to an event because i was a product designer and so was everyone else, it was really awkward for me when everyone else was talking computer science talk and weren’t very interested in mold lines or draft angles or texture definitions or GD&T.