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We had some cool options and instead we settled on names of cities which hosted the Olympics (since we provide the transcoding and publishing for NBC/NBC Sports) and ice cream flavors.

The ice cream flavor one is fucking stupid.


My current computer naming scheme is JoJo’s Stands. I will never run out.


My current computer naming scheme is names of robots/computers from works of fiction. I actually need a new one for the new PC.


That was my old one. My desktop and NAS are Pluto and Casper respectively.


Mine is exclusively from Ender’s Game

I’m currently typing on Ender, HTPC is Bean, my NAS is Alai and my backpack laptops (for a bridge simulator) are Bonzo and Petra.

When I eventually make my “print server” it will be named HotSoup

At some point I’ll replace Ender and when I do, it’ll likely be Valentine


I had a Pluto previously.


Basically yes. The parent company at the moment does engineering for fiber optic networks. There are two actual engineers with credentials I believe. Then there are a bunch of people that are not that but do the work to support them. Then there’s my crew, where we are occasionally solving problems for the engineering side of the house, but we’re also working on a product for the engineering side’s customers, but that’s a year out or so.

So for example apparently the engineering side of the house was spending hours making some spreadsheets and pdfs with diagrams, and one of our developers peeled off to just automate that, and it honestly took less time to automate that than to draw those diagrams manually even once… apparently there is a lot of low hanging fruit in this area nobody has bothered to implement (or it’s all proprietary).


I too have that scheme. Main PC is Legion, laptop is EDI, backup hard drive is Grey Area.

I encountered The Culture to late in my computer naming to have a 100% consistent scheme.


I used names of Transformers for a while but don’t have much of a consistent scheme anymore. At the office workstations are pop culture AI / robot names with unique starting letters (Kitt, WOPR, GlaDOS, HAL, Marvin, etc.)


For a long time mine were given names of characters I liked in anime because I am a weeb. Lina, Sakura, Nagi, Madoka. My current PC is named Ishimura after the ship in Dead Space because my wife’s PC has a grill on tbe front that reminds us of Isaac Clarke’s space suit helmet and is thus named Isaac.


Why does this sound familiar…


My current computer naming convention is fictional star ships, though I have a tradition of always naming my primary computer “Yamato.”


I choose a new theme for every set of devices. This current theme is Dragonmaid dragons: My old computer is Tohru, my new one is Lucola (becaues her lusty stats tempted me), and my phone is Kanna (cus it’s so tiny).


I started with a Good Omens-based naming scheme, but ran out of good names and have moved on to fictional cats, so my current desktop is named “Greebo”.


I’ve started messing around with RainMeter again. I know it’s dumb and I rarely see my desktop, but the performance hit is negligible so w/e.


So those of African descent get the really cool Black Panther as their representative superhero.

What to those of us of Portuguese descent get? Literal Fascist Captain Falcon:

Eh… can I borrow Black Panther, please? :slight_smile:

Edit: then again, given that Portugal was a colonial power in Africa… I guess I should just suck it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


An interesting quirk of US firearms laws, but not quite worth calling a fail, since the guy did try his best - The chap who made a viral video of destroying his AR-15 with a chop-saw may have accidentally created an illegal firearm rather than destroying it.


Yeah, i never did watch the video because i think gun owners burning their guns is actually a terrible, and pointless, idea: but just cutting the barrel is ridiculous. Most US gun owners would know sawing your barrel to leas than 16" is a big no no, and a major part of what the NFA was about. (Gansgsters doing literally that)

I had figured the dude threw it in a fire and crushed the receiver or something substantial like that.


Should we have a crossover where he invades Wakanda?


Actually, that would be pretty entertaining, especially since Captain Falcon (PT) is set during the waning decades of Portuguese colonialism in Africa.