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These two are the first ones I can remember:


A Nightmare on Elm Street sequence where Freddie is a talking train.



My university is having an international festival tomorrow, which is great! Free food, song and dance, etc. They neglected, however, to get someone who is fluent in English to check the translations. This resulted in lots of grammar mistakes, at least five different words for “Muslim”, and this gem, “It has been a time-honored custom for people to hospitalize guests.”


Fighting styles are meat space equivalents of animation blending.



@rym on a different life path



Doki Doki Literature Club is doin me and @Churba a frighten.



I think I got the purest experience of DDLC you can have. I’d only heard the name if the game going around and no details,so I went in totally clean, no spoilers at all. Holy crap it did me a big frighten.


That’s how me and Churba are doing it. We got SPUN OUT last night.


I am making a Macross. Apparently, I can make mech babies.


That’s gonna hurt to push out. :flushed:


I have a weird annoyance at work. The company I work for sells signs to Lowe’s stores, garage sale and restroom signs and such. I go to the stores to maintain the displays and order products. Among the signs are “No Guns” decals. In literally every store in my territory there is someone who turns the signs backwards on the peg in what I can only assume is some kind of protest against gun control, and several times a month I have to turn them to face out again. It’s not difficult in the least just makes me roll my eyes.


Transforming mech babies!


F*** people who don’t understand that not every space is a shooting range. They can keep their pathetic non-protest.


Exactly. It’s interesting how the people who harp about the right to keep and bear arms ignore the rights of others to control their property as they wish. If someone tried to tell them they had to allow them to bring their coked out orangutans on their property they would have a fit. I say that as someone who is a gun owner, but I recognize my rights come with responsibilities, first of which is to respect other’s rights and wishes.


The thing is while I buy into and support the right for people to say a place is a gun-free zone, I really don’t know what it accomplishes.

People who carry, will carry anyway.

People who wish to incite violence will do so anyway.

The only thing it does do is prevent open carry, which is only a factor in a few states, or, that someone who is legal to concealed carry can now be charged with something if their posession of a firearm is noticed. Is that the intended purpose of the signs? Or is it to just keep out open carry? Or is it to send a message to the public?

From what I’ve gathered over the years, the signs seem to most gun owners as simply political protest in sign form, and so those who flip the signs are just countering that protest with their own. It’s still petty and dumb and bad form, but in their mind its equivalent.

I don’t carry any guns, am not licensed to carry, and I don’t really care about the signs. But if I did get a license to concealed carry, and then did so, I am not sure I would pay attention to those signs anymore than I do now, which is never. In theory, if anyone finds out I have a gun in public at all I failed anyway.

It’s simply a matter of “if I am trusted on this side of the door in a public space, then what difference does it make to the public on that side of the door? Owner be damned, they will not know.”

Meanwhile if I do heed the signs, I probably won’t bother go in at all if I had a carry arm. I can’t exactly safely secure it anywhere else out in public, I would have to take it home.

But things like that are why I don’t carry. There simply isn’t statistically enough need to arm yourself where I live, with all of the challenges that are involved with doing so in compliance with the law, to do anything with it.


If Patreon is really going to fuck creators and supporters over small pledges, I will replace them with paypal and a yearly reminder.


PayPal has a fee too. Are they really fucking creators? Still not sure about this math. People think contributions will decrease, but I have only seen anecdotal evidence to suggest this is actually the case. Gonna wait and see.

I think the only thing that is fishy is why the credit card fees are not completely hidden from users. There are fees when you buy food at the grocery store, but they hide them from you completely. In a way, Patreon is being more honest about them, opening itself up to criticism. But also they are not being open enough that we are getting the whole story.


They’re indirectly fucking creators due to pissing off backers like myself. Patreon is charging the equivalent off the credit card processing fee per pledge despite only paying that fee once per month for the lump sum and taking 5% off the top. Turns out, they’re not being greedy, just stupid. I’m not sure if that’s worse.

Patreon will be taking a quarter of the money when I support half a dozen webcomics and podcasts with $1/month.