R. Scott Bakker - Prince of Nothing Series

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That was the thread about the first book, and we’ve come a long way since then.

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I really don’t see this ever happening and I somehow imagine any adaption being pretty bad, but whatever.

The “last” book is on preorder:

I started listening to The Darkness that comes Before, and found it to be far far too slow to consume in that format. I’ve been meaning to acquire the dead tree at some point but just have never gotten around to it. Plus I really love another book series and I intend to finish the culture novels before I start another series.

I can’t imagine consuming an audiobook of something like that.

The proper nouns sort of work in the book because you almost end up reading it like a textbook. Similar words look like they have the right etymologies and you start to piece the broad picture together.

Spoken? I wouldn’t know who the hell any of these factions were.

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Breaking all your horses and all your mans in 2017.

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As of the last book, literally.

It’s weird to recognize that a scene in which there is literally a broken horse is fully-intentional fanservice.

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Yeah, that was another big problem. I was having trouble following what was going on. Like ok, this girl sells sex and is really into this wizard guy. Ok, now we’re following an emperor, and, his mother? He’s incompetent. Back to the wizard, that the girl is in love with, he joined an army? Now she’s off to walk a great road and her shoe broke. I don’t get it.



Measure is unceasing.


Pre-ordered. I promise I will jump on this faster than I did book 3.

Did anybody struggle with getting through the Judging Eye or was it me? I have tried it twice and get about 100 pages in before I start to struggle. I do not understand it as I got did the Warrior Prophet and the Thousand Fold Thought back to back. Is it me or did others have a problem with it?

I had issues with the parts of The Great Ordeal set in Ishtherebinth. Those seemed to just stretch on and on.

It was truly an ordeal.

Yes. I tried to get through parts of the last book, going back time and time again to Ishtherebinth, and I either fell asleep each time or my brain rebelled and I stopped listening. The other sections of the story I got through, but only after deciding to skip all the stuff underground.

That said, it was the first of any Bakker book where I didn’t first read it as a paper book before listening to it as an audiobook on the re-read.

The Nonmen parts were a slog for me but the Momemn parts were the slog of slogs. I find myself going back certain portions of the Nonmen parts because there are some good bits there under all the plot. I haven’t gone back once to any of the Momemn portions accept for the spoilery bit at the end.

The best book in the series is still the first one.

I’m invested in seeing what it all amounts to, and that drives me to enjoy the latter books more than they would otherwise deserve in a vacuum.

The underground non-men stuff is the part I enjoyed the most.

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Hey dad! Remember me?


It’s not the penultimate book, he clarifies that in a comment. It’s the ultimate book.


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The final book for The Aspect Emperor, not The Second Apocalypse.


Right. Sejenus, the final series is going to be so long.