Bank enabled for Sun and Moon, bringing along the national dex, and Mewnium Z as a free gift for Bank users.


Finally updated. Pokédex 100% ASAP FTW!


I need to dig out all my older games now. Then I can spend weeks moving them from the GBA generation to the DS games.

Can I skip any generations (move GBA to 3DS) or do I have to follow the correct GBA->DS->3DS->bank order?


Honestly no idea, but I’ll try to find out, if someone else doesn’t get in with the answer before I do.


you have to follow the order up to B/W/B2/W2. Then you can do Bank.


Are there bottlenecks (palpark six per day) that I need to be aware of or ways to work around if I have access to multiple copies of each generations games?


You would know better than I, but I believe so, yes.



Hey guys, anyone WTT a Diancie temporarily so I can fill my Dex?

Literally the last one I need.


I am initially finished with Sun, but have to do all the other things. Trying to get a shiny Rowlet with Moon.

The grind.

There is so much to do with this game, but for now trying to 100% the Pokedex.


In pursuit of this, y’all should be aware that the current Global Mission is “trade as many pokemon over the GTS as you can!” Which means people are putting up reasonable offers instead of just trying to trade a jigglypuff for an arceus. If you have some reasonably good stuff, or duplicate legendaries, head over and see what you can get.

I got Torterra easily (the final non-legendary I needed for my dex), then got Solgaleo, then duplicates of cosmog and Type:Null to evolve.

Someone also traded me a Buzzwolle for random klefki that wandered into my PokePelago.


I stupidly wasted my Kings Rock by trading it with Slow Bro and not Slowpoke. FML. Now to get a King’s Rock, I have to do the Battle Tree and I’m horribad at it.


sigh At least it wasn’t a Lansat or Starf berry.


Do you have Pokemon bank? Because when you use it, you get Pokemiles. The bank lady offers them to you as Pokemiles or BATTLE POINTS. This is by far the most efficient way to get battle points.

Just FYI. :slight_smile:


Battle Tree regular singles isn’t too hard if you have competively trained pokemon, and beating it gets you 48 BP every time. If you don’t have proper-nature, EV trained mons you’ll probably have a bad time though.


Yeah. I stupidly chose miles. Need to figure out if I can exploit it.



I don’t think Battle Points are transferrable to Sun/Moon yet. I did a quick search and it appears I’m correct. Oh well.

I’m going down the horrible rabbit hole of breeding for EV/IV Pokes. At least I have a Ditto.


Uhh, what? Are you talking about from previous games or something? Cuz I picked up my bank BPs from the guy in the Pokecenter just fine.


I guess I should get Bank so I can move over my breeding stock of 3IV Dittos…