There’s a lot of Pokémon threads in the old forum, so I’m just linking the most relevant ones as of the time of the forum’s closing.

Pokémon Go (sorta relevant)
Sun & Moon (very relevant)

Talk about the Pokeymanz here.

Pokemon Go has turned into “That app that I keep installed because uninstalling it would mean I was wrong”.

Past decisions do not factor into future decisions.

I still have it installed because I’m keeping an eye on the developments. If they make significant changes to un-break the game, I’ll totally play again.

Those first few weekends where I would walk around the neighborhood and there would be hundreds of people of all ages all playing Pokemon were pure magic to me. I keep it installed because I want to be there if that happens again.

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There’s a park I run in that has about 8 pokestops on a half mile track so I end up playing a bit while I run. my pokedex expands as they shift through different spawns for the location but that’s about it.

Would be cool if the Kanto region is included with the Pokémon Bank update that’s coming, for Sun and Moon.

Would be great if there was constant content updates. More missions, gyms, regions, more unique Pokémon etc.

What do you mean by this? According to the internet, we know a few things.

  • Sun/Moon will not get an in-game National Dex. You can get the Shiny charm just by completing the Alola dex.
  • The Bank will be updated to include a new Pokedex feature that will pull info from games you connect to Bank with.
  • The Bank update is supposed to include not just compatability with Sun/Moon, but also with the virtual console releases of Red, Blue, and Yellow that were released.
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Hoping for, in future, the addition of the actual Kanto region too.

I don’t think they will do that. They want you to buy Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow if you want to play the Kanto region. And more missions, gyms, regions, and unique Pokemon is pretty much the description of each new game they release, so they’re probably not going to add it to an existing game for free. But hey, unlikely things happen sometimes, so I guess it’s possible.

Yeah, I would expect Sinnoh remakes before Kanto remakes or revisitation at this point. I think the whole Kanto 'dex is pretty much accessible in modern games now thanks to XY and SM, and the Kanto region itself is accessible via RBY on Virtual Console. At this point, Sinnoh and Johto are the furthest back in the chain as far as transfers go. You have to transfer from Gen 4 to Gen 5, and then from Gen 5 to Bank via the Poké Transporter to get Gen 4 Pokemon into SM. And the transfer from Gens 4 to 5 is rough since you have to play a minigame for every single Pokemon transferred, blegh. xP Plus if the tradition of a remake each generation continues, this would definitely be Diamond and Pearl’s turn. Those games are 10 years old at this point (oh god the oldening :weary:).

That said, I also would not be surprised if we don’t get any remakes this generation, or if they do remake Kanto instead. There’s really no technical reason to remake Sinnoh other than to make it prettier. Previous generations were remade because they were all on pre-DS hardware, making it either impossible or a pain in the ass to transfer old Pokes to new games. While transferring up from Gen 4 to Bank is tedious, it’s still possible with all DS family hardware. They could easily leave well enough alone and move on to doing something else this generation, like they did with Black 2 and White 2.

Also, the Sinnoh games I’m not sure are as nostalgic to a lot of fans as the first three generations, even considering they’re a decade old now. Whether GameFreak remakes them or not will probably depend a lot on how ORAS sold and how they would expect Hoenn to compare with Sinnoh in fans’ eyes. Ironically, that’s kind of a point in favour of Kanto remakes since those games are the biggest nostalgia cash-in. Bet a loooot of people would pay a lot of money to play RBY with glossy SM-style graphics for the settings and characters. Plus they set up Kanto in the story of SM, so… :open_mouth: Then again there were a lot of shoutouts to a lot of regions in SM with it being the 20th anniversary of the franchise, so who knows honestly.

Anyway, sorry this turned into a rambly post. Just speculatin’, thinkin’ about future games for funsies. :V

I actually think a Kanto region game is coming, less likely as DLC for Sun and Moon more likely as a stand alone game for the Switch.

Probably with crossplay elements with the 3DS. Trading and Battling, who knows what else.

Just found out my buddy placed top eight in regionals with the poor man’s celesteela, Eggsecutor.

Alolan Exeggutor? Because I love that ludicrous 'mon and his shiny new Grass/Dragon matchup.

Alolan mons only until late January.

They did suggest story stuff in Kanto happening what if instead of another red/blue remake they revisited Kanto as it’s own region like a White2/Black2 That could be pretty neat.


I want cosmic hair. #twentycharacters


Is that Pokemon BeyBlade?