Just get new 4IV Dittos with SOS chains


Or if you have Red/Blue, every poke is guaranteed 3 max minimum when transferred over.


Yeah, I figured it out. Just need to accrue the points. For now I’m trying to get a Freebas. The trades on GTS are insane what people are demanding for a Lvl. 1. I had no idea that GTS existed.

Also time to transfer my Pokemon Yellow Pokes. :3


I like how Pokémon from ORAS/ RYB have their own symbols when transferred to Sun/ Moon.


If only Sun/Moon had a nature trainer as well. I really need to do something to make these UBs useful. Had to give up a Jolly Kartana for an Adamant Celesteela.


You want one of us to breed one for ya? I could pull Milotic out of the bank and stick it in the day care.


No worries. I got a one on the GTS today. I’m mass breeding RBY Pokemans for trade on the GTS right now. I think I’ll be able to get all the Pokes I need for on there for the Pokedex completion.

I’ll definitely post here if I need any help. Thanks!


OMG the Pickup ability. I never knew about this. There is too much going in this game. I’m always learning something new.

Got 4 Meowths in my party. Hopefully I can get some cool items like more Prism Scales or a Destiny Knot.


Are you leveling all those meowths? The items and rates changes based on that.


Well they level after I beat the Pokémon, so yeah. Do you know what the rates are as well as items? I want more Prism Scales.




Do you guys watch the anime? Disney XD is adding large chunks of the show on their streaming website.

They currently have all of season 1, the first two episodes of Sun & Moon, the most recent movie, and the XY season (which is being uploaded every day).


Yeh, I’ve gotten mine, just because I didn’t really have to go out of my way to get it. Really need a Diancie giveaway. Who da fuq wants a bottlecap.


Ask anyone in the Fallout universe.


What a wonderful gift for people that don’t just hack these items into their games.
Not to mention the lack of Blissey training makes the grind too painful to even bother using these items.


The article links to guides on how to get silver and gold bottlecaps ‘easily’.


You need to be level 100 to use them, right? Fuck that.


Easiest method being "Have a guest in friend plaza with a 2 star roulette wheel."
As much as I want to try and build a team, they threw in too many hurdles to make it fun.
Not to mention the meta is flooded with UBs and Tapus, so status effects are practically worthless at this point.

But hey, at least Alolan Ninetails is better than I thought. Aurora Veil wins games.


I’m going down the rabbit hole. This is a whole other level. Also this guy has some really great vids. Subscribing.


Easier solution transfer a ditto from Gen 1. I got 5-6 IV Ditto without even trying.