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There was a discussion about rangefinding in the PUBG Show thread, but I figured it would be better moved here. I was discussing how the 2x, 4x, and 6x scopes have rangefinding built into them but I wasn’t sure about the 8x. I just watched WackyJacky’s latest video and apparently there is a decal on the wall in one building in Erangel that explains how rangefinding works on the 8x. WackyJacky is really cool, he’s a streamer and excellent PUBG player who does informational and demonstration videos and seems like an all around cool guy. Check out his other videos for some good info.

The current event mode is hilarious.

Let’s play.

Who’s on?

I was playing the new event mode, when a guy was running toward me and I was trying to run him over. He started lagging badly but I hit him, but the second I hit him there was a ton of choppy frames, my camera glitched out and I was looking up through the ground at the sillhouette of my car. I hit F to jump out and I was on the surface again just as another player ran me over. When I exited the match I had a 24 hour ban. Whatever happened BattleEye thought I was cheating I guess.

Anyone played the new map yet?

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I played it when it was on the test server, its super fun and looks amazing.

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Oh snap I’ll have to hit this up over the holiday.

There’s snowmobiles, a new gun, and they added an intro cinematic done with in game assets and it looks like it’s hinting at some new things to come, like a grenade launcher and the ability to add two different sights to your gun. They also revamped the parachute system, its much more intuitive and feels a bit faster.

The physics in general feel smoother.

PUBG is still my main game, even after a break for Subnautica. Did pretty well today!

This is my first solo chicken dinner in about a year. My first took 166 attempts. This one took six. I guess I’m better at it now.

Two chicken dinners today, and in only five games.


The PUBG community suffers some very basic chat etiquette.

The game can be over in minutes, but some people like to try to have full on conversations. You only have small and critical spaces of time to convey very specific amounts of information, or more importantly having ‘radio silence’ to be able to listen out for enemy positions.

“Where are you from?” “Where are you from?” “Where are you from?” “Where are you from?” “Where are you from?” “Where are you from?”


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Friendship ended with PUBG. Apex Legends is my best friend now. Seriously I have waaaayyy more fun playing Apex. The gameplay is silky smooth even on my relatively potato PC, it looks better, controls better I can turn off voice chat and not have to listen to 12 year olds getting yelled at by their parents, while still communicating with the ridiculously easy to use ping system. Seriously that thing is genius. It has some bullet physics but they’re not super hard to figure out so I like that. Like this game fucking nailed it. I’m never going back to PUBG.


Even better, you can turn on the speech to text and enjoy the delightful gibberish it creates for you.

But yeah, I have been enjoying APEX - the key difference to me is that I don’t like playing PUBG as much without a squad, but I can happily play APEX with randos. Even if they’re complete and utter idiots, no stress - plus, if you’re playing with a squad, there’s a good chance they can pull you back into the game if you get rolled, which is nice, and even randos tend to do it. Even if only to get another layer of ablative meat between them and the hurty stuff.

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How is he “moving on from PUBG” when he’s still working on PUBG?

He’s working on R&D for the same company, but not the same game.

Check out my video comparing Battle Royale video games to the juggling battle game Three Club Combat!

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Erangel 2.0 on the test server is a huge upgrade in looks, map design and performance. Also: