Harvest moon 2017 by Dazzle, on Flickr

If you’re in London, you may have also seen the ISS fly overhead.


Cool photo doppelganger article:


Smugmug bought Flickr. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

I haven’t really used Flickr in years. I feel like it is so unstable I am not trusting them with my pictures any more.


I’ve never even heard of Smugmug.

Anyway, I’ve never been a fan of Flickr. I’ve been using Imgur for years, and I really see no reason to change that now (unless Imgur does something to fuck over its service in the future).


Smugmug is a big deal. Lots of photographers host their stuff there. It’s legit. THere are a lot worse places that Flickr could end up.




Some rando article used a random photo I took in the old office of my old company from Flickr.



“Hazards” of the job. Fun thread.


Imagine you create a new public Instagram account. You tell nobody about it. The account follows nobody. You never @ anyone from it. You don’t follow it from your normal account. You never use a # from this account. Everything on the account is entirely public, but will anyone ever see it? If so, how long will it take for someone to find it?

Yesterday I found out the answer to this question is absolutely yes, and it took almost 9 months. My guess as to what happened is this. I was frequently viewing the hidden account while logged in as my normal account. Because of this, Instagram gave a suggestion to some of my friends that they should follow the “hidden” account.

What is this account of anyway? Basically I just try to capture an image every single day. Sometimes I’m in a groove and actually make a post every day. Other times I get the images every day, but upload the backlog in bulk later on. This happens the most when taking analog photos.

The quality of the images ranges from worthless crap to the absolute best. There were some days I didn’t leave my apartment and I had to dig deep. Once I posted a video game screenshot. I have no shame. I artistically captured an image.

So far there has only been one day where I didn’t have anything to upload at all. I do think I actually took photos that day, but I just forgot what it was when I got around to uploading. I believe his would normally qualify as non shit-talk, but I never talked.

Anyway, the account is

Here is the best photo I’ve posted on that account so far (IMO). It was just a couple of weeks ago.