PAX West 2018


I will probably have one extra set. I can’t promise yet, but it’s likely. Once I know for sure, if you want it, it can be yours at face value.


I will likely have two extra sets.


Preparations have begun.


Booked our flights. We are indeed skipping Dev this year. I really don’t want to, as I love Dev, but this saves me three vacation days.

Emily and I roll in Thursday around 2pm. Flying home Tuesday at 11:30am.

Delta was about $100 cheaper than JetBlue. I think the JetBlue ship has finally sailed…


I’m sad I’m skipping PAX Dev this year… but I suspect a lot of other people are too. They’re advertising the show heavily: something I’ve never seen before.

I’d wager the gap day is hurting the show. People who also exhibit at West want that extra day, but no one else does. It’s the primary reason I’m not going.

I also suspect that, since a huge number of the people who attend are tabletop-focused, it’s too expensive to keep returning every year. I bet an east-coast Dev would be mostly tabletop and completely sold out.


I want to go to PAX Dev, but it’s always more costly than the benefit. This year though, Ben Brode is doing the keynote, and that I really want to see. A shame.


Yeah. The only way I ever justified it was that I’d occasionally get a free badge, or that it was also a Seattle vacation and an excuse to hang out more with Ro and Jeremy et al.

I’ve spent so much time in Seattle I don’t really need the vacation there again.


Dumb question has anyone tried to ship something to the hotel they were staying at before? I have a one way item and need to find a way to get there and the best option I can think of is mailing it to the hotel or a locker or some kind. Any ideas?


Yes, you can do this. Call the hotel and ask. Don’t let them scam you with a fee.


A lot of hotels will charge $20-$40 for the privilege.

You used to be able to get around it, but these days almost every hotel will charge you to pick up the package.


Fuck these stickers.


PAX XP is both everything I despise about swag culture and everything I despise about gamification rolled into one hideous monster.




PAX XP’s original goal of getting people to go all over PAX to the different parts is noble. But in practice people are just scanning barcodes and moving on.


The problem is it’s too mass-scale and low-effort. It’s also boring, so people are largely extrinsically motivated (for the prizes).

I don’t know if it’s possible to keep it large scale and make it non-boring.


I didn’t really care but the ladyfriend enjoyed doing it for completionism’s sake. Trying to find all the scanners. I don’t think she much cared about the different sides thing. Different strokes I guess.


3/4 the time, they don’t even really look around for them, they just go around to where the guides on the internet tell them, and/or ask enforcers.


So for anyone that is going to PAX West and want to be a big help I need a small favor. My assistant for my trivia panel. I just need someone to be a “runner” with handing out things like prize packs, keeping score on a piece of paper, and doing basic things while I direct on the stage. Let me know if you are interested.




Anyone have extra badges? Know some folks looking to buy