PAX West 2018

That sounds specific

Here’s the spreadsheet for anyone who lost the link.

Reminder to keep your eyes open.

I saw the badge giveaway and my heart stopped for a second because I thought




Just a reminder that exists and won’t blow up your phone with pax notifications that aren’t badges.

Today is the highest possible alert level.

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When you want to go get lunch, but are afraid tix will go on sale.

If not today, tomorrow is code red.

I am in the queue. This was the most predictable badge sale time ever.

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Yeah Wed/Thur 10/12 has been a pattern.

I hit refresh ONCE at 3 Eastern and it was there.

I’m chilling in the queue, does anyone need extras? Otherwise I will just drop out.

I didn’t grab a hotel room since my usual group isn’t going, is anyone interested in rooming?

I probably should’ve grabbed one anyways during Enforcer pre-sale but I’m not very smart.

That may have been the fastest I’ve ever gotten through queue wise. Also, yay I have badges.

Olive 8 get now waiting for the badge lottery now

I came in to the queue two minutes after the tweet went out and got in within a few mins. Was relatively quick compared to previous years. Got tickets just fine. Wonder if I just got lucky somehow.

Ah, guess I wasn’t the only one.

Saturday sold out in 37 minutes.

I seriously suspect they’re selling more badges.

The con is across many buildings, so they could easily obfuscate the fire code stuff. As long as enough people are “expo only and never return,” it probably balances.

Well been in queue and site crashed on me so back to plan A and hope for panels badge. C would be buying when people are offloading.