PAX West 2018

Surprise! Labor Day confirmed

For people who aren’t special guests or [E]nforcers, get ready to click.

This may be the year for me to head out west.

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Same, have to price out hotels and such though. But the need is mighty.


Just looking at hotels makes me want to nope out.

As with all large conventions, you have to wait for the hotels to go on sale via PAX. They have blocks in all the major hotels, and the rates are much more reasonable. Our stay in the Olive 8 (the tabletop hotel) last year was $252 per night (taxes and fees included in this number), but that was two double beds, so you can divide that by 4.

I’ve done that before, and with the enforcers before, but I also got a deal before from the hotels directly without problems.

The more I think about it though the more I think I want to go to unplugged.


If I get badges, it’s not impossible.

Oh, @lunaflame is planning to come to PAX West. Even though we are all going to be trying to buy badges, keep in mind we are trying to get one more set than usual.


Bear in mind that if you buy a Dev badge, you have the right to buy a 4-day West badge even if West is otherwise sold out.

PAX Dev 2018 presale is live

PAX West 2018 is imminent

I was just thinking it was time to be on high alert.

Rumor: PAX West 2019 may be in August and not on Labor Day.

Hopefully they also move east so it doesn’t hit Anime Boston straight in the face again. OTL

I… actually would probably be more okay with this. Wouldn’t conflict with Bumbershoot.

Give me my vacation day back then.

Go to a beach instead

Remember to stay alert. Especially in the coming weeks.

Wednesdays 10AM PST. Seriously.