PAX West 2017



Last week of training:



Insert gaming training montage.


I’m sad that I don’t have enough PTO to take the whole week off and have to work between Dev and West, but the excitement train is full steam ahead.


PAX Hype is engaged! I’m heading to Portland on Tuesday to meet up with a friend, and we are driving up to Seattle on Thursday, until we fly back on the following Tuesday.

Since I’ve never been to Seattle, I’m only PAXing on two days, so that I can spend the other two days exploring the city.

I’m going to visit the Fremont neighborhood and the Geocaching HQ on Friday, and will probably visit Pike Place at some point, but for the natives/frequent visitors, what else should I make it a point of seeing or doing?


So apparently I’ve sent the last few months thinking Dev was Mon-Tues, when it’s actually Tues-Wed. Oops.


It appears pax is refunding passes for anyone e effected by the hurricane. Keep an eye out if you want one to go in.