PAX West 2017


If you don’t [E], I have a set for you at the face value.


Thanks! Katie will be glad to know she’s secured.


If anyone has a spare badge and or a extra spot in a room a buddy of mine is looking to buy.


I have full sets of badges. I do not have extra hotel room.


DMed you the contact information


At least Link looked happy. This is the face of horror.


It’s like the PA design team is drunk on its own power


Hello, my name is Ro and I have been selected to be an Omeganaut. Pleased to meet you all.



So… I’ll be able to see you compete in the final on Monday since that’s the only day I’ll be there?

No pressure :grin:


I saw that @Rochelle was posting pics of her cookie brigade tin. I remember buying one also, so I was like oh no! Where is it?

I looked up the receipt in my email. Apparently I chose PAX West pickup instead of shipping. Now I have some cookies to look forward to!


They aren’t soft, but still decent. I have a cool geeky tin to hold shit now.


Hopefully the ones at PAX will be fresh.


Will gladly take solid advice on any of the following games:

Robo Recall
Mario Kart (version unknown on PURPOSE)
N64 Wrestlemania 2000


N64 Wrestlemania 2000: Speed is basically the best thing and all you need to win. Smaller guys tend to be faster so go for a smaller faster guy to have the biggest edge.


I was also told that by a friend on twitter.


That guy also played this game then. Fine let me do you one better as I’ve got more than 140 characters:

Aggression is rewarded by raising your attitude meter and if you get it to max you’ll have a limited window to perform a special move. If you manage to land one, go for a pin immediately after and it’s basically guaranteed. So your high level strat is build attitude, get special off and pin.

Great so only one part there is unclear. How, specifically, do you build attitude? 3 things. Attacks, grapples, taunts.

I’ll cover taunts first since they’re easiest. Taunt without being interrupted and you get some attitude. I tended to use these when I needed that last little bit to push from almost full to full but afaict they work the same all the time.

Strikes and grapples can both be countered but differently, so try to mix up what you go for or your opponent will be able to predict what you’re going for and counter.

Strikes come in 2 flavors, standing and running. Those running ones are partially why you picked a fast person, also because walking away from someone is a decent way of dodging a grapple or strike. I usually tried to find a character with a fast running attack and a fast stationary attack and just use that.

Countering attacks: there’s this thing where you puff out your chest (I think it’s bound to B but I’ve not played this in 10-15 years so this is high level) for a second, and if any attacks come at this time they basically fizzle and you’re open to a quick counter attack so use this and don’t attack if they’re puffing their chest.

Grapples come in 2 flavors as well strong and weak. the strong ones take a second to land as the guy kinda does a doubletake with his arms. IIRC counters to these occur as the grapple is landing and basically swat the grab attempt away, again leaving you open to counterattack. If you already have the grab you can do a move and there’s basically nothing they can do about it, it’s too late for them at that point.

Maybe I’ll fire up an emulator to refresh my skills and actually give real advice. I’m beginning to mix it up with the other N64 wrestling game, no mercy, in my head. Anyway the advice above is applicable but not as super pro as I thought after having read it once.


Scattorgies, the key is that the letter DOESNT need to be in the start but as long as a word contains it.

Example: Presidents “W” George Walker Bush

1 Point for the W and no one else will have that on their sheet. This is going off of the 1990s rules check on BGG to see if sample is still valid.


Thank you @Naoza That game and the Oculus will be the most difficult for me to learn.

Thanks @Coldguy I vaguely recall playing Scattegories. It’s on the way. Just need to refresh myself with gameplay/rules. Overall I think you just need quick thinking, good trivia knowledge, and fast responses and I think I’m ahead of the game with that. (ATW9K)


Did they tell you a series of games that would possibly come up?


Nope just that list. No specific order or exact rules.

Gonna be a busy few weeks for me.