PAX West 2017


Also, re-sharing this important information.

I will actually be there fri and sat this year

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I’m into the blanket, but I think the quality will be low.

Looks like I’ll be going on Monday. I like Friday more, but Monday is always easier to get.

Dev is a day earlier than usual. So @gomidog and I will be in Seattle Sunday > Tuesday. It also means Monday/Tuesday before PAX are Dev, but Wednesday we’re free to just hang out and game (and such).

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Interesting. Why did they do this? Maybe someone else booked Wednesday in the hotel where dev is?

Ooh. Interesting.

I think the impression was that it’s what Dev attendees wanted. A lot of them would have to peel off and miss parts of Thursday b/c they’re needed to go set up a booth and whatnot.

I’ll be in town pretty early, though not sure when. I’m doing an Alaksa cruise that disembarks in Vancouver the Monday of PAX week. Thinking we may bum around Vancouver, and possibly train down to Portland for a day or two since we have never been. Arrive back in Seattle either Wed or Thurs and go to PAX Fri/Sat.

Just reminding everyone to stay on the highest alert for PAX West tix. It definitely won’t be long now.


Let’s go

Wasnt paying attention to my phone. Not really worried about getting the ones I want though.

Got a double in Olive 8 while waiting for badges. I’m all set.

Purchase successful. First ever trip to Seattle incoming!

Badges acquired. Ok back to work.

I bought 4x4, so anyone who missed, definitely hit me up.

I HAD a Sheraton room. I was typing credit card info in. And then the system took it away from me.

The real problem is that most of the hotels don’t have the day between Dev and West in the block, and you can’t do a split reservation. So you’d have to get one or the other half outside of the system.

Also, a LOT of the hotels had Friday/Saturday night sold out but nothing else (making them extra useless).

Most of the hotels had only single-bed rooms left.

All of this, and I literally was in the system less than 5 seconds after the tweet.

This year I live close enough I can walk there in like 20 mins