PAX Unplugged 2018

Just got the E-mail announcing the unplugged dates for Nov 30th through Dec 2nd.

This sucks for me because I’m usually in the Midwest after Thanksgiving. I was hoping for the weekend before.

Still have to decide if I’ll Enforce again, or just double down on helping with content.

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Katie and I have already decided that we were going to skip Unplugged this time in favor of going to East next year. Just not practical for us Best Coast people to go over there for both.

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I’m gonna put in the work this year to make it, possibly as a panelist though I doubt I’m high profile enough for what PAX typically looks for. I was super bummed I missed it last year and don’t wanna make that mistake again.

I’m dumb, Thanksgiving is the week before so I will be in town!!!

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Jeremy and I are intending on going.


Charlotte and I are definitely going. We only caught a bit of the last one (she was sick), so we’re looking forward to it!

Tickets are on sale now, you know what to do.

Hotel and badged.

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Ditto and flights.

Jeremy may or may not go, regardless will need to share rooms with people. :3

My hotel situation might be Chris + Dan + Anthony. I have a 2 bed at the Mariott downtown.

Perhaps we should talk!

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Got hotel. 4 spots, all filled already.

Didn’t buy badge. I feel pretty safe that I’ll be getting one without paying, as usual.

Party with Tresi!

Oh yeah, we’re in the Marriott with the skybridge connection. Take that you cold-ass November!

My house is a close train ride soooooo if you are looking for cheap solutions.

Just post in case you want to see a suggestion box.

I’ll just be over here slamming my head into the wall


Need help with the slamming or would you prefer a pillow?