PAX Unplugged 2018


Heads up the place I am staying at this year just got bigger (due to the person moving to a bigger place) so if anyone needs some crash space that is close to the event let me know.


Also, UnForcers, don’t forget to do the thing.


Anyone planning on going to this, I have a spot for you to crash if need me. If interested let me know.


That might be nice! I’ll let you know!

I’m gonna be there to sell books as usual ofc




Math Trade:

Since nobody has shown any interest in the board games I have on my floor that I have to get rid of, I may math trade them.


If you just want $$$ hit up the Virtual Flea Market


What is this virtual flea market?


You just list shit with a price and if people want to buy it, they post “sold.” Then you figure out a time during the con to give them the game in return for said money.

It’s really easy. I bought some last year, pre-paid the people and gave them my phone #. Just told them to come find me to hand off game.


It’s too much effort to type all this crap into BGG.


Schedule is up.


Huh, there’s now one unified iOS PAX App for all PAXes. I wonder if it’s much different from the generic Guidebook app, but I don’t use the Guidebook app for any other conventions, so I’ll give it shot.



This one will be better

There is def room for two competing pre-PAX game nights though, given the sheer number of gamers in town.


It appears that my friend is opening up her place for Pre and Post Pax gaming, if you are arriving early or leaving late let me know and I can tell you the details.


I have a friend going to this, but all of the other people she planned on going with have bailed. She has a hotel room reserved, but can’t afford it on her own. So she’s looking for either people to fill it, or someone she could crash with instead. Anything out there?


Have her hop on the discord, options are there including my friend.


Just out of curiosity when do they start sending out the badges in the mail? As soon as you sign up for them or X number of days before the event?


A few weeks before the con. You can log in to and check whether it shipped yet—mine hasn’t.