PAX South 2019


I am in planning mode for 2019 anyone want to split a hotel room?

Update: Room has been acquired in the Contessa will do 2-3 additional people if anyone wants to split.


I booked flights. I’ll have to check my records, but they might have been the cheapest ever? Maybe because I didn’t pay $60 for the privilege of picking my seat.


Seems like this South they’re trying to do some kind of ARG.

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Also that True Dungeon thing is doing something different. You can still wait in line and get a free experience, but it’s just a 24 minute demo. They are also doing 2 hour adventures, but you have to pay money for tickets in advance. No waiting, though.

Not sure how I feel about this.


Pre PAX gaming anyone?


I’m OK with it. But, there’s a line.

Right now, the line is somewhere like:

Big installation event with extreme participation limits and significant scale
Workshops (exception for materials)
Main Events
Gaming Areas
Expo Hall
General PAX


In this case I’m actually not so concerned about the PAX go-er who has to buy a ticket to do the dungeon. I’m more concerned about the person who only wants to do the dungeon being forced to buy a PAX South badge AND a dungeon ticket.

Even though I don’t care at all about this dungeon thing, I think it’s cool that South has its own popular special thing the other PAXes don’t have. I kinda hope they don’t bring it to other PAXes.


True Dungeon is using PAX’s space, so I’m not sure what’s the problem. Works the same way at Gen Con, although there’s no free preview version there.


Call me when PAX is selling out.

Also, unlike the youtube streamers, this is the kind of thing where a person who bought a PAX badge just for the dungeon is highly likely to at least explore the rest of PAX.


The problem is that GenCon is no good, and PAX shouldn’t emulate it.


This is exactly how TD ran at South last year. The first year was demo-only. The big difference this year is that the adventure tickets went from $30-something to $50-something. I took a crew of 10 Enforcers through last year and while the game itself is a bit janky, it was a fun team experience. No way I would ever go in at north of $50.


They’re up to 10‽ It used to be 6, then it got rough with 8.


Yup, they sell 10 tickets per session. As much as it sucks to have to coordinate that many people on a run, the only thing worse would be not buying out the run and having randos join.


Once, I was that rando, and it turned out fine. And once, the rando joined us. He was a True Dungeon collector with binders of tokens who loaded us up with amazing equipment for the run.

And once, I was part of a group that had one player ask to leave during the run because he wasn’t having any fun, and leave he did.


My panel is on the schedule, Friday night from 9-10:30 at the Armadillo theatre. My hybrid lecture/gameshow will take place. Now to buy the prizes…


New badge design.



Wild guess: Strip Search 2.


I’m gonna guess PAX Europa.


Here is the Q&A Form


Learn & Play is taking on RPGs now. Interesting first pick, though. For the Queen isn’t out yet (soon?), but I’ve heard it’s pretty good.