PAX South 2019


We did an Intro to RPGs session at Unplugged, but went with Kobolds Ate My Baby since the designers are Philly local and have a huge pool of volunteers, so they could more easily rally a 20-GM crew than any other RPG publisher.


Anyone want to play FreeMarket? New users and MRCZ are in order.


If you’ll have me I’d love to learn the game. I don’t see a copy of the rules on BGG so I’d have to learn at the table.


Same response as @Naoza . I am looking to forward to being able to put names to faces for you people.


Anyone who’s played previous years gets first shot, but I could run a second game for new players.


The shutdown will definitely continue through PAX unless something crazy happens.

So, we have to prepare for the possibility we can’t actually attend.

Edit: that link renders crazy huge and crappy in the forum.


Yeah I’m really hoping I’ll be able to refund at least the hotel if not the hotel and badge if that happens.


My money is on ATC striking first.

The horse race in my head is really only there to distract from possibly not being able to attend PAX that I’m looking forward to.


I’ll charge back the credit card if I have to on the hotel :wink:

As for the flight, if it doesn’t happen they can’t charge me. At least the PAX badge is free.


Try RPGGeek. FreeMarket is an rpg about people on a space station in a post-scarcity society.


The “cheesy” PAX South 2019 motif looks like literal vomit. What in the fuck. They can’t seriously be doing this for all of 2019.


It is definitely not aesthetically pleasing. Flashbacks to '90s Nickelodeon.




Well either one of two things happens. One, the new bad design is liked enough and we just have to not bother with merch for a year. Two, the new bad design does so poorly in sales that they correct mid-year.


I agree that the slime theme looks horrible, but disagree that orange is nauseating. The orange merch is usually great. My biggest regret is not getting the South 2017 hoodie.


Whoa, this PAX had a video game adaptation all along, and we were none the wiser. image


Can someone add me to whatever group chats exist for this?


I need to know your hangouts information.


15 characters of I’ll dm you