PAX South 2019

Oh man it begins again.

Gonna get me that Schilo beer + Reuben one-two.

Don’t think Jeremy and I will be able to go this time around.

I am probably actually going this year!

What are the good hotels?

I’m likely going this year. Probably gonna stay in the Contessa. I’m thinkin’

The Contessa is the good hotel.


At least we’ll see you imminently in Seattle.

Thanks, I think my friend and I are going to do the Best Western because College budget

Hey @linkigi are we doing the room share bit again?

So…tickets are live. @PAX_Badges didn’t tweet…

EDIT: It just did.

Oh no. 5 minutes too slow. Gotta get some Contessa.

Uh, there are no hotels when I search. I think it’s broken.

It is probably broken. I just got the Grand Hyatt 1 minute ago.

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I tried to call on the phone, and that was also broken?

I’m a dumbass and was searching the wrong dates.

Badge and hotel get!

Badge and hotel get! Still gotta fly there though… sigh

Got badge and Hotel.

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@Coldguy Nah, I don’t think I’m gonna do South next year. Gonna use vacation days for Unplugged 2019 instead.