PAX South 2018

July 18th everone.

They bumped up the dates, with respect to previous Souths.

This is bad for MAGFest adjacency, but good for my annual ski trip!

Yep, not attending pax south this year confirmed. (Well unless I feel like it last minute, It’s pax south after all)

Will you still be going to MAGFest? I need the crew there as my proxy. I must live vicariously through your MAGing this year.

Oh, we’re going to both.

We went to a PAX and an Anime Boston the same weekend once. We can do this.

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I did that too, twas an interesting experience

Since the badges are live, I am wondering if anyone is looking for a room share? As of now there is a chance I will arrive either Friday afternoon or Friday night (since new job and vacation time and what have you). If someone has an open spot let me know.

I just checked and am unable to buy a badge.

I can see “available” for all days.

I’m a dolt… I came into the PAX South thread and thought we were talking about MAGFest, carry on.

Speaking of PAX South, I’m going to be Enforcing and none of my standard con hotelmates are coming. Does anybody want to split a room?

I’m interested. I’ll PM you.

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Also add me to potential room share for South looks like its happening this year for me.

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Anyone have opinions about the La Quinta next to the convention center, good or bad?

Take your cosplay to the next level.

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One of my slides for a pax south panel


I just found out about this, appearently pre pax gaming event for charity.

FRC crew interested in going early?

It’s in the convention center itself, down on the riverwalk level, which PAX has never used. This increases my chances of popping downstairs after/during setup.

No Mariachi this year. :frowning: