PAX South 2018


I thought they were confirmed to be returning?

Also, True Dungeon tickets went up. It’s fucking expensive, $38 for a 2-hour run. But I didn’t do the free demo last year and it’s on the “do it once” list for me. I’m pulling a group of TT Enforcers together for this timeslot and will start buying up tickets very soon:
I doubt we will buy all 10, so if you want in on a run with normal people, not randos, this is your chance to help fill it up.


I hope so, but they are not listed here:


They are listed on that site, but their name is not very obvious. They are “SUPERMES” on the site. Super Mariachi Entertainment System. You can guarantee I won’t be missing that shit. Was a highlight last year.


Ooooh. I read that as SUPREMES, but I guess Diana Ross isn’t going to be at PAX, is she? They should have written it as SUPER MES.

Anyway, they’re going to be back. HYPE!


Not only are they great, but after seeing Coco I’m extra hype about them.





I had 4 takers among Tabletop Enforcers just from some brief asking around, so I bought out the whole True Dungeon timeslot for 3:49 on Friday. If anyone decides they want in, it was $41/head after fees.


That lineup is mad good is there anyone willing to see multiple shows?


Memories of last year



So Thursday is my birthday. I’ll have to schedule slightly around Enforcer pre-show stuff, but does anybody want to hang out and get a nice dinner?


Happy birthday!


I am always in favor of food-related activities.


San Antonio PAX weather report:

High of 60ish low of 30-40ish with a chance of dice.


Have 4 tickets left for a 3:49 True Dungeon run on Friday. The puzzle-focused version, not combat. Price is a bit steep at $41/ticket but I figure this is “do it once to have done it” territory. The 6 people running so far are me and 5 random tabletop Enforcers. This offer is good until Fri morn, when I have last opportunity to refund unused tix


That was a good PAX. Since it had been a while, I’d forgotten how much I actually liked Enforcing, and working in Tabletop was pretty fun. Not sure whether I want to go back to TT next PAX, try a different department, or go back to Sat theatre.

Had some good times playing boardgames. Blowing everyone up in Paranoia was probably the singular highlight of the convention for me, but I also managed to lose badly in Meeple Circus thanks to shaky hands, lose non-badly in Mini Rails, and escape the score track in a particularly nice game of Azul.

It was nice seeing you guys as well! My next con is PAX West, so it’ll be a while before I see you again.


Was a pleasure having you in TT. To make your decision easier, just Enforce at Unplugged, where every department is TT.


Here’s the article I was interviewed for while we were at PAX South: