PAX East 2019

I think I’m going to skip it this year. I mostly go to hang out with friends I know from the internet, and beyond my very core group, I can’t find anyone there. We can meet elsewhere, save a lot of money, and still have fun. I hope all who do go have a wonderful time, though.

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East is the most aggro and I see the fewest people.

I’ll be enforcing, as always. o7 Hopefully I can get a better shift this time to play some good games with ya’ll.

Katie and I are planning to go this year as we’ve never been to East or Boston in general. Make a week long trip out of it in the northeast.

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I work and live in the area, so hit me up for lunch or something if you want.

Badge prices up $4.75 per day.

The dates are March 28-31

Enforcer badges holding steady at $0 for the weekend, though.

(Also East [E] do the thing)

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Oh man oh man, it’s happening. I’m up for hanging out again. :slight_smile:

Damn it now I’m hype for East. But I have Unplugged, MAGFest, and South before it!

It’s interesting seeing you at different points in the year, as your enthusiasm for PAX East waxes and wanes.

I mean, it’s the worst PAX by far. But it’s still a PAX.

A scuffed up bar of platinum.

A second rate filet mignon.

A Porsche that isn’t a 911 Turbo.

A tropical vacation to Hawaii instead of Bora Bora.

A PAX East instead of a PAX West.

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I suspect it wasn’t the [E] link, but the actual regular link.

In the days before I Enforced, I got hotels twice at West by once trying URLs and another time just calling hotels directly and asking about “the PAX event” in advance.

THIS is the real link.

I did not do the thing where I bought extras this year. One full set for Dan, who usually comes. One Sat/Sun for Richie, who is local.

I bought zero badges.


Did the [E] thing and got a hotel booked, so we should be good to go for our first foray into Boston.


Also buying zero badges.