PAX East 2019


Be aware, as I just learned, that the workers at seven Boston hotels have been striking for a living wage for the past four weeks.

This includes several of the hotels close to the BCEC, including the Westin, the Aloft, and the Element

the Ritz Carlton, the Sheraton Boston, the W Hotel Boston, Aloft Boston Seaport District, the Element Boston Seaport District, the Westin Boston Waterfront and the Westin Copley Place

Connections Housing starts finalizing reservations on March 7. I made an additional reservation at a hotel whose workers aren’t striking, and will wait until March 6 to cancel to see if Mariott actually negotiates.

No way I’m walking through a picket line for PAX.


What’s the closest hotel without an issue?


The Seaport and the Renaissance.

My current backup is Omni Parker House on the other side of the river. Gonna need a shuttle bus, but I’ll make do if I have to. I’m still hoping that Marriott negotiates, but I’m willing to eat the inconvenience.

Bonus points because it’s one of the Local 26 hotels that isn’t striking


Seaport has never, in all the years I looked at it, had rooms Sunday night. Never once. One year we even fucking moved hotels Sunday…

I might break a strike line rather than deal with commuting in… I’m Enforcing, so I’m not out the door until after midnight…


Hotel shuttles run from 8AM-1AM. I will wait for a shuttle and limit my daily carry to what fits in my backpack rather than break a picket line.

I’d really rather have a Westin room, just not while the workers are striking.


Oh, this strike is happening now. PAX East is months away.

I confirmed that there are no close non-strike hotels with availability.

Don’t want to cross the line, but I think it’s a safe bet the strike will be over before PAX. It’s not a NY Spectrum situation.


Yeah, that’s the best situation for everyone. I’m just making backup plans.


I really hate to say it, but I’m not booking a non-strike hotel if this actually happens. Not unless I back out of Enforcing…


My seaport reservation is coming up roses!


I’m still sorting out how I’m going to balance time off where I get to do stuff I enjoy on my own vs. time off I spend with my kid who lives 500 miles away (FYI, if there’s a conflict, kid time wins). So I’m probably not going to this PAX East unless I can somehow get a badge relatively close to the date when I know what my schedule is more like.

That said, I live close enough that I commute to PAX East, so the hotel thing doesn’t bug me.


If it does come to it, I’ve stayed way out in the back bay before, worst-case scenario, and it was fine. And there are still a bunch of hotels closer than that, just on the other side of the river. 15 minutes on a shuttle that runs until after 1AM for one weekend is several orders of magnitude less disruptive than uprooting your entire life and emigrating if midterm elections go bad.

I’m not cancelling right away for two reasons: one is that Marriott has 4 months to reach an agreement with their workers before they actually take my money and I walk in the door, and two is that Connections still has the room block and would just resell it to meet the infinite demand immediately if I cancel.

But ultimately, I couldn’t justify walking through a line to save a bus trip, at least not to myself. I’m increasingly mad about labor. This is literally the least I could do and it costs next to nothing.

Edit: This probably gets resolved before 2019 anyway, but making for-real backup reservations and avoiding shit-talk and all that.