I got in and then was instantly disapointed to realize the pve content doesn’t exist like it was supposed to. Did one game, still overwatch, still decently fun imo, logged off.

Once it’s available I do plan to get friends into OW via the PvE, but for me alone I have zero interest in it.

I played a ton of 2 during the closed beta and it was fantastic from a competitive esports standpoint.

If you want a PVE shooter, just play Destiny 2.

I like the characters from overwatch and a lot of how they control but also am looking forward to doing fun combos of heros together maybe or something, and I havn’t gotten a reason to ever pickup destiny and it also seems like more of a grind(/borderlandsy), wheras the overwatch pve events were always fun imo.

I’m mostly playing Tank, and in this new comp structure I’m not bad.

D.Va or Orisa by default. Zarya situationally. But I can do any of them in a pinch.

Also TIL Sym’s laser doesn’t eat ammo from shields anymore =(

My friend group and I have been playing Overwatch 2 recently, and I’ve been really enjoying the game and the changes made to it.

I played Overwatch 1 a year ago with friends, and while it was enjoyable, as any game is with friends, it had ultimately left a sour taste in my mouth. I guess I stopped playing before role queue was introduced, and upon meeting it for the first time, I really didn’t like it, despite listening to all of Rym’s praises for it. I remember my main gripe was the low number of champions for tank and healer, especially when compared to the dps role. Which leads to the further problem of those two roles feeling really samey within themselves. For example, as Ana, I really wanted to be a part of the fight, dealing damage beyond my grenade, but I could never justify spending any amount of time doing anything but healing the tanks. And at a certain point, I would get bored of it, want to switch to a dps, but I can’t.

By comparison, Overwatch 2 feels really good. As a healer, with only one tank, there is less to heal and more time to actually deal damage, to the point where I am actively trying to fight and juggle healing at the same time, which feels a lot more fun. As a tank, with each tank getting buffed and there being only one, you truly feel like a tank, the strongest person out on the battlefield, and is the one who really controls the flow of the engagement. I don’t really play dps a lot, but after my recent play session focusing on it to improve, it always feels good to frag with a couple of well placed shots, and the sheer diversity of champions has always been the role’s selling point.

My only issue with Overwatch 2 is that it’s weirdly prescriptive about showing your stats. For example, the scoreboard for your match disappears the moment the play of the game ends, with no way to look at it past that. To view your own personal stats for that match, you have to dig through like 4 menus, and that data is deleted the moment you leave the game. Like, I understand the best way to figure out your mistakes is to watch your replay, but I find it really weird that the game is going through such efforts to hide your performance data. Like, all they’re doing is putting that data behind a $5 per month paywall for a screen reader, I don’t get it. Like sure, never tell me I played bad, only show me my ranked wins, if I lose, it must be because of my team, cause I know I did good.

As for PvE, I’m curious about how they will change it, because I recall from the past PvE events, it was fun for like the first time through, but it quickly became less engaging the more you played it.

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Hasn’t for a while; that update dates back to OW1.

With fewer barrier-first strategies, it does seem that D. Va’s coming out on top, tank-wise.

I’m maining D.Va and I get POTG in every single match =P

Whenever I see discussion of D.Va my mind inexorably goes to one of my favorite of early fighters:

That the printed-fabric Lozenge camo, could be a cool skin inspiration for the Overwatch character.

D. Va’s always been semi-credibly accused as a “Press Q for POTG” hero like Junk and Bastion.

Dva, Junk, and Rein can easily be the “caused the Team Kill that got/saved point” POTG with a single well-timed ult.

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PVE being dead is a pretty sad thing.

It wasn’t going to make Fortnite money and basically was going to be a pit to shovel money into and then burn.

They really messed up making Overwatch 2 free-to-play, but I don’t think there’s any going back. =(

At this point it’ll become irrelevant until an interesting hero comes out and people will play the hero for a little bit and stop playing.