Overwatch 6v6: Weekend of 5/6-5/7 6:00pm EDT

Let’s get some custom Overwatch on this weekend. Weather is too crappy for biking. Anyone is welcome: I just want to get it to 12 people.

We can either use in-game chat (which means you’ll be stuck talking to whoever’s on your team), or we can discord it for alltalk.

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I’m down, assuming I don’t start playing EU4 and then forget to check this thread.

there’s also blizzard voice. I’m down. I can probably get some friends in on it to fill if we need to.


I will check in during the off time I have this weekend. Which won’t be much, but I will give what time I have.

I’m down. I’m central time zone also.

I’m down for Sunday and possibly Saturday evening.

Saturday is best, probably later in the evening. Sunday is rougher since thats when I do a lot of lesson planning and grading.

I’m in. Pacific Time, naturally.

I’m probably in for tonight.

I’d be happy to play and hopefully learn. I’ve mostly played the Uprising run so I’m still learning how to play vs real people. I can play tonight or probably any time Sunday. Feel free to add Maskmys#1424 :slight_smile:

Wanna go for it around 6pm EDT?

I get out of work at 6 but I’ll get home soon as I can and see if I can join in.

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I’m good for Overwatch once the Rangers game ends.

Fuck! Rangers OT.

I’ll spin into Overwatch in a minute, but I’ll have the game on in the background :wink:

Join us!

Game is live. Just waiting on people!

GOOD TIMES! 15 CHARACTERS! Complete sentence!


“Where’s your holiday spirit?”

“It’s in the refrigerator.”

I…I was out.
I…I missed it.

I should be free soon to play :-p

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