Overwatch 6v6: Weekend of 5/6-5/7 6:00pm EDT

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I even texted you! Pff

He was on a date with some redhead. It is her fault.

Another tonight.


15 characters forever Morty.


I think the plan is I’ll just QP and dick around until we have at least a few people. When that happens, I’ll just start a custom game. We’ll dick around in the skirmish lobby practicing sweet Lucio moves until we have at least 6. Then we can 3v3 (bots or not) and go from there.

I might be making robots with my bro, but I’ll see if I can’t join in on the fun.


That was some truly fun Overwatching.

Super good time guys, let’s definitely do it again.

The lack of a conclusion for that ilios match will haunt my dreams for days to come.


Would’ve gotten more than a couple games in this weekend but it was just too nice out to stay inside. First warm and sunny weekend of the year in Seattle meant going to a Sounders game, walking around, and day drinking.

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Even though some part of you knows that it would never have ended… I should have thought to start a screen cap before ending it, for nostalgia’s sake.

So we doing this? What time?

I’m down, but i’ll probably be playing comp down to the wire first.

Assuming I get the homework I put off done, I’m in.

I’ll be on for a bit this evening before I retire to other things, but tomorrow (Monday) I will be DOWN for this hard.

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I’ll hop in at some point. Playing some DDR with the family first.

I’m down. Might start off with some comp first though.