The Olympics are awesome.

Here we go again:

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It’s a little weird to me the summer games have the most metal torch lighting, since the winter sports overall are much more metal.

Plus, they finally embraced the metal with the closing ceremony. Kid is thirteen:

I fully expect more protests than ever before. Are they going to revoke everyone’s medals? Also, fuck the IOC more than ever.


Right? Good luck with that.

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Wow, someone besides me remembers Dark City.


I love Dark City. Such an underrated movie!

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Love dark city, also laughing at the name Dick Pound.

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I feel really bad for the athletes. There isn’t always next year!

I still show that movie to people at least once a year!

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If the world wasn’t on fire the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony would have been today.

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We’ve been watching old Olympicses on YouTube. It’s surreal to hear now e.g. Jim Lampley commenting on doping rumors surrounding Marion Jones as she runs to 400 gold in 2000.

This is on the heels of Shelby Houlihan testing positive for nandrolone, a steroid.
She runs the 1500 and 5k.

I hope we can just post positive news about the awesome athletic competition of the Olympics some day within my lifetime, but it doesn’t look likely. It’s somehow becoming more of a shit show. Trying to compete with FIFA to see who can sink lower.

This didn’t go how I expected it to:


That’s one of my all-time favorite pieces of sports commentary. Glad it’s going around again!