Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)

Robo Recall is fun times. Need to practice the controls and aiming, but so far NO MOTION sickness. Feeling pretty good about PAX now.

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Me and my brother went in on a Rift Touch package

I really enjoy using it but the setup was painful because I just wanna like, plug it in and have everything sort itself out. I don’t wanna have to dig deep into temp folders and extract .msi files and rename shit to other shit just so I can get the USB 3.0 ports to work properly. There ought to be a simple ‘update all my shit’ button that you click on during setup. Instead I couldn’t find any way to force download and update to latest drivers/firmware/whatever.

That aside it’s all pretty rad. Loving the experience over the Gear VR and the Touch controllers are very comfortable and the whole thing is surprisingly accurate despite how ad-hoc my first setup was.

Yeah. I really need to get more USB ports or some adapter. Still have some 2.0 USB ports, but I’m not really noticing any lag issues.

I have to wear a bandanna over my head so my hair doesn’t get caught up in stuff.

I will definitely have to learn all the ways to reload and attack on Robo Recall. I wish they had an better practice/info on how to. Can’t find a way to redo the tutorial. I have a feeling it will be most points in the Omegathon competition.

IIRC, it’s all fine with USB2.

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Yep it is. I really need to upgrade the living room HTPC to run Oculus OR just temporarily move my PC to there.

I’m looking at putting USB and HDMI ports between the studio and the livingroom (they share a wall, and my PC is actually right behind the TV in the livingroom through said wall).

Oh man. I think I can do that as well. My room is right next to living room wall that the HTPC sits near.

USB 2.0 should function nearly identical, it just performs jpeg compression on the image which shouldn’t effect tracking.

I’m running 3.0 just fine now. My mobo is fresh and has tons of 3.0 real estate and even a 3.1 pluggy hole.

It just took a hot minute to dig deep into some forums to figure out what kind of Hackerman solution was needed.

When I have time (aka this winter, if ever) I really really want Lone Echo. Other than War Thunder and other flight sims, the zero-g space fps genre seems like it’ll bring a lot to the VR world. Plus who doesn’t love being out in the fuckin’ void?

I have been playing Thumper in VR and it is fucking intense for a rhythm game. There are 9 worlds and it feels like the real game didn’t show itself until world 4, but hoo boy, it did.


Wow, some really cool people worked on this project!


So I’m running into a situation where I want to use the Oculus I got, but the computer I have is in my office, and the nearest place I have that has room to do anything but chair or stationary standing VR is in the den, which added up would require a cable run of at least 40 (maybe 50) feet to stretch to a central hookup point that allows the integrated cables to reach the far bounds of my potential play area.

And so to do that requires myriad HDMI signal boosters and USB-CAT5 adapters or some other mess, none of which is officially supported and I’m looking at probably $200+ to rig that up.

At the current point I’m thinking my best option is to just physically move the PC for VR sessions? I can’t think of a less convenient option but it’s the only surefire way that doesn’t involve building an entirely new VR rig.

That was the first “game” I played last night after I got the room set up. I only have a “moderate” play space for now size-wise, but it’s enough.

Superhot VR is a fucking experience.


Punching bad guys in the crotch is fun.

RoboRecall is also amazing.

BeatSaber looks like Fruit Ninja meets AudioShield and I am so, so in. https://twitter.com/BeatSaber

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying lately:

  • The full release of Island 359
  • Super Hyper Cube
  • Accounting

That last one is a free game that takes 30 minutes or so. It’s an oddball narrative adventure made by Justin Roiland of Rick & Morty fame. It’s worth the 30 minutes.