Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)


Oculus Go is out! Standalone VR is here (3dof)! $199 for 32G version

And a sneak peak at some of our sick future tech :slight_smile: 8k is OK, but lemme tell you about varifocal displays…


That video is choppy and plays like ass.

Facebook’s full announcement plays so much smoother. (Fast-forward to 60:30.)


I literally got a notification from Facebook saying “Yo, you heard of the Rift before? It’s pretty dope.”


Beat Saber is the new VR hotness


There is also a burgeoning art scene that is really creating some wild stuff!


I bought a rift so if anyone would like to play multiplayer stuff hit me up.


Researchers found a nifty way to make you think you’re walking in a straight line in vr while having you walk in a large circle in meatspace by subtly repositioning the world during your milliseconds of blindness you have when your eyes move quickly.