Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)

Oculus Go is out! Standalone VR is here (3dof)! $199 for 32G version

And a sneak peak at some of our sick future tech :slight_smile: 8k is OK, but lemme tell you about varifocal displays…

That video is choppy and plays like ass.

Facebook’s full announcement plays so much smoother. (Fast-forward to 60:30.)

I literally got a notification from Facebook saying “Yo, you heard of the Rift before? It’s pretty dope.”

Beat Saber is the new VR hotness

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There is also a burgeoning art scene that is really creating some wild stuff!


I bought a rift so if anyone would like to play multiplayer stuff hit me up.

Researchers found a nifty way to make you think you’re walking in a straight line in vr while having you walk in a large circle in meatspace by subtly repositioning the world during your milliseconds of blindness you have when your eyes move quickly.


The project I’ve been working on the last two years has finally been announced. Oculus Quest is the first all in one standalone headset with full 6dof headset and controller tracking :slight_smile: It’s stunning IMHO

We are also demoing some prototype experiences like 3 on 3 arena scale competitive games (think VR paintball)

Can’t wait for y’all to be able to try it, it’s a game changer




So I got to try the Oculus at my flight school as they just got one there and I have to admit, it was pretty amazing to experience first hand. I only really tried it out with the free bundled demos and the flight simulator software they had there, but it was still pretty amazing to experience. The “Robo King Kong” demo in particular made me feel week in the knees when virtually standing at the edge of that elevated platform.

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This is a pretty neat video showing the potential of VR. My favorite part is when they showed off Freud-me (7:57), a game that’s useful for self-help therapy.


ZED is a game that I’ve been eager to play since its Kickstarter launched two years ago. One of the art directors of Myst (who would also work for NASA) is the creator, and Cyan (the studio behind Myst) have launched a new publishing division where this would be its first game.


ZED launches in Spring 2019 for Rift, PC, and Vive.


Soon… :wink:


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Oh hey, did I mention I’m shipping two VR headsets this Spring?


Forgot to share this, MAG this past year had a guy wanting to do a VR programming track. Here is the end result of that.