Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)

Original thread from August 2012:

Since then Oculus came out, everyone got Touch controllers, and I have a VR-ready PC and am probably going to get one early next year!

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I installed Revive on my PC, which took essentially no effort. Works flawlessly, and was able to buy Superhot VR from Oculus Home and play it on the Vive. I expected more compatibility issues when trying to use Vive controllers instead of Oculus Touch, but played for 15min and zero issues.

Because of a sale promo, I also got Ripcoil for free. Looks amazing, and I heard great things from an early Wired press preview a year ago. Looking forward to trying it. Revive is also nice to have working since I dropped ~$50 in Oculus Home when I had both it and the Vive in my little competitive bake-off. Now I have those games back.

I’ve been coming back to the Vive mostly to play the things I already own. I haven’t done a whole lot of diving into the store trying to discover new stuff, but maybe I just haven’t had time. Exploring new modes in Island 359 and Cosmic Trip as they add them. Still playing Space Pirate Trainer to up my score. Tried some games like Budget Cuts and Serious Sam on a friend’s PC and they are damn impressive, but it’s all a slightly different take on the shooter genre.

I was not blown away by Lucky’s Tale when I played it, but I really want people to keep messing around in that space to perfect the formula of “god mode” VR rather than first person.

This is the killer feature for me, I’m leaning towards the Vive especially after having tried one.
If they made the entirety of Super Hot in VR, that would be a killer game.
Even the short amount that is in the VR demo must be great fun.

Got the Vive a little over a month ago, and I play it a couple times a week with roommates. Much like Matt above, Space Pirate Trainer is still a staple. My latest favorite though is Fruit Ninja VR, hands down. It’s really quite satisfying if you get into it and start swinging with your arms instead your wrists.

Fruit Ninja is still around? I haven’t heard from that in (I believe) half a decade.

I’m kinda drifting towards the Rift now with the touch controllers, but I’m still not really sold into either yet. I’m kinda glad I waited at least until now instead of going in on one. But some day I’d like to get one of the headsets. I was pretty on the fence about PlayStation VR but that thing sounds like it’s kinda shit which I sort of expected with it using the PlayStation Camera and requiring move controllers.

My advice is to just pick one and dive in. They’re all great, and all have a great lineup. If in a few years you want to switch horses, I bet you still get a decent buck flipping your old HMD on eBay.

So on my Gear VR headset I think my eyelashes smudge the lenses. From blinking. So even wearing them for a few seconds it begins to reduces my vision to a eye-water-inducing blur of light and glare and dizziness. In fact just typing this and thinking about it is inducing those effects. I have always had super sensitive eyes, I have never been able to put drops in them and the very idea is physically repulsive.

So my point being, anyone know if the lenses on the HTC or Rift are set any further away so that I shouldnt have the issue? It works find for a while but after a few minutes its noticeable.

It could be some other issue instead. but I have pretty long lashes, and something is rubbing the lenses.

I got a free Google Daydream from preordering a Pixel phone. Thing is surprisingly good. I only messed around with one puzzle game for a bit, but I’m shocked at how comfortable it is. Only knock is the relatively narrow field of view. I’m spoiled by Vive and Oculus.


Vives are for dummies. (Totally not biased)

Yeah I got one of these too, the controller is pretty excellent, an it is super light relative to the full on headsets.
My issues was on the 5" 1080p screen the pixels were a bit obvious to just watch a movie or TV show but great for the VR portion of it. Plays pretty great with the games designed for the system, better than some of the demos for Facebook Rift.
it’s pretty great for people who wear glasses and I find it easy to use to introduce people to VR.

The issue I get sometimes is that after an hour or so of a games and videos the phone needs to be cooled down outside of the headset as it can’t remove the heat fast efficiently or maybe that’s because I have the small phone.


I transferred to the Daydream team a few months ago (I was on Glass before that). I’m glad to hear you guys are diggin it so far! I’m looking forward to any feedback or observations you happen to post here as you spend more time with it.

And yeah, the smaller Pixel definitely runs hotter than the XL. If you’re getting an hour of continuous use out of it that’s actually pretty solid; I’ve seen other (publicly available) reports of people hitting the thermal warning after 20 minutes of use.

“I transferred to the Daydream team”

“Oculus seems to have fared worst. After launching in March with years of hype behind it, the relatively meagre numbers don’t seem to pay back Facebook’s investment in the company. The brand could also have been damaged by founder Palmer Luckey’s involvement in a pro-Trump “shit-posting” campaign”

2016 year end:

4,510,000 Gear VR
750,000 Sony PSVR
420,000 HTC Vive
250,000 Oculus Rift

“Oculus seems to have fared worst. After launching in March with years of hype behind it, the relatively meagre numbers don’t seem to pay back Facebook’s investment in the company. The brand could also have been damaged by founder Palmer Luckey’s involvement in a pro-Trump “shit-posting” campaign”

FYI GearVR runs on Oculus software and uses the Oculus store for content.

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So the brand name took a hit but the product is legit? Sounds like a fixable problem, if there even is one.

Also they were straight up giving it away.

I don’t think the Oculus brand is responsible for the success/ failure of Gear VR. It helps, but what helped more was the pricing. And the fact that Samsung marketed it directly with the release of their Galaxy phones.

Also why PSVR has sold more than Vive/ Oculus; low price.

Gear VR/ Cardboard, are the easiest ways to share VR experiences with someone who otherwise wouldn’t even know what VR is. It has the lowest barrier of entry.