Now that Donald Trump has Won


Even with a flipped Congress, there’s no way the Democrats ever get 66 votes in the Senate to remove Kavanaugh or any other Supreme Court Justice.


Never say never.


Pack the court. Give DC and PR statehood.


Unless half the population of eight states magically repent their fascist ways and vote Democrat in two straight Senate elections it ain’t happening.


Votes to impeach don’t necessarily need to all come from Democrats. If new information comes to light through investigative journalism for example, a flipped house could bring charges that might be hard for even Republican senators to simply equivocate and gaslight around as they’ve been doing. I’m not saying it’s likely, but it also doesn’t seem impossible.


Impeachment is the relatively easy part. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 but was never removed from office. It’s the conviction by the Senate which is the hard part.

Even if the Democrats miraculously retake the Senate, they would still need at least 15 Republican Senators to vote for conviction. Impossible is much closer to reality than not likely.


They said that about the North in the civil war.

Also, do not forget that the most vile amongst the GOP who are not also mentally deranged are absolute cowards. If they are faced with bigger numbers at protests, they flee. If they get charged with crimes, they cry. They’re just bullies happily dispensing cruelty on those who are fewer or smaller.


Well, the United States now has two rapists on the highest court of the country. Truly the greatest country on earth /sarcasm


Identity Evropa has goons putting up flyers around the country. Some in Manhattan. Keep your eyes opened people.


I’ve noticed a significant uptick in white nationalist and Nazi adjacent (and literal Nazi) activity in my news feeds. Acts of vandalism, more taunting “rallies” in which they attempt to incite violence, threats against GOP opposition. All since the regime’s appointment of Kavanaugh. The message recieved by these vermin seems to be “get ready to do what you want, because laws won’t hold you back”.


The White House has begun to more openly dog whistle than ever before, and more rank and file GOP are accepting and repeating those dog whistles, along with blatant support of racist conspiracy theories.

Both sides are galvanized leading up to these midterms. I think that is where the energy for all this is coming from. The crazy fucking far right is trying to scare the left into giving up before we have a chance to do something about all their political victories as of late.


This is fine. :expressionless:

At least the .01% won’t have time to build an oribital space station.


I’m waiting to see what shenanigans will go down with the election beyond gerrymandering and voter suppression. I will not be surprised if they move to nullify or delay elections.


And they were right. Reconstruction was aborted when it should have continued for a generation.


Another former Republican who is like, “Wait a minute. We were the bad guys!?”



I know a lot of longtime Republican types, who just don’t pay that much attention to issues outside the Republican bubble, who simply don’t think at all about most of the issues you guys seem to be mostly up in arms about. But over time, listening to them, some are starting to realize things are not really right in the party.

They still more or less “hate the cheating dems who want to take our liberty” or whatever, but I do think many are at least becoming aware that a lot of dumb shit is happening on their own team and want nothing to do with that either.

I think those people breaking from the GOP trajectory that it is on would be vital to perhaps causing a lift in the center/right that would give the left the votes. Seems the margins aren’t that huge so isn’t it a simple task to just disrupt by any means? Fund a Third Party voting initiative of crazies that strongly appeal to the single issue voters over the GOP whole not really appealing to anyone who would go Dem?

Meanwhile just need some fascist or racist group to go a little too hard, a little too far, a little too blatantly, and with a little too much support from the Govt that you can spark some kind of wedge that forces people who blindly support the Republicans out of whatever reason to look at themselves in relation to what’s going on and commit or join literally any other group.


Based on this article, and a realistic appreciation for political reality, the outlook for the Democrats retaking the Senate in 2020, and thereby potentially controlling the Executive and Legislative Branches to pack the Supreme Court and make PR and DC states, looks grim:

“Rather than a pendulum shift in Democrats’ favor, the 2020 Senate election is shaping up to be the moment when the organic Republican majority within the Senate falls into place. Trump won 46 percent of the popular vote in 2016 but 60 percent of states, and states like Idaho and Wyoming get just as many senators as California. Unless a whole bunch of red states suddenly turn blue, Democrats will be stuck where they are: in the minority.”


or you keep running canidates that can win in those states for other reasons, I mean we didn’t get a Senator in ND, IN, WV and AL by mistake.


True, but how many of those Senators are going to still be there after the 2018 midterms? I don’t want to come off as too pessimistic, but with liberal/Democratic voters increasingly clustered in smaller geographic areas, it becomes harder and harder for Democrats to retake (and hold) the Senate in order to get a majority.